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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 2
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Lilian waited for Francis,her dear husband at the large,designed and decorated dining table which was situated in a hall as he descended majestically through the tiled stairs and as the cheves,gardeners,butlers and maids includin nanny Dee,his childhood nanny greeted him in unison and answered before coming to me “good morning,handsome” “morning,baby,how was your night?”he asked smilin as we kissed ”its was lovely dear,come and eat before it gets cold”,pulled a chair for him and sat while i served his food on a glassy plate made of silver and watched as he ate,discussed about alot of things including my getting of a new driver till he was done and escorted him outside together with his bodyguards not after pecking him n told him to buy some apples for me which he promised to buy,watched n waved as the driver drove him out in his black pajero car before entering inside to prepare to go to my place of work too where i sell expensive shoes,bags n jewelleries made in USA with alot of employees.


Rose came back with the sliced bread n beancakes n met Thomas sittin on a worn-out arms-chair,smokin heavily n ignored her greeting “i’m famished,where is my food?”he asked in a harsh tone,giving her a stern look which made her scared and nervous as she gave him his food in peace and was about getting ready to go to work when he asked of his mother “and where is my mother?!”he asked in a cruel tone,gettin ready to punch as he sq££zed his fist in anger and was frownin at her which made her splutter in fear “i..i…i….dont know where she is,probably in her room…sleeping”,he glared real hard at her n hissed before resumin his smoking n eating.she decided to talk calmly to him about gettin a new job because its been 4months now n hasnt gotten a job yet n wasnt doing anything about it which made him flared up in hysteria,pulled her long dark hair tightly,held her neck tightly as she began crying n beggin for her life as he abused n gave her warnins not to meddle in his affairs again n left d house.


Francis got to his company where he sells electric gagdets like laptops,smartphones,computers,etc and had other branches in USA,Paris,Chicago and Japan,he even built 5hotels in Lagos and 5 in Canada also,he was wealthy and powerful but had no child to inherit all these,he already achieved alot of things in his thirties which made some of friends jealous of him,entered the company as all his employees greeted him,here and there while he either answered or waved at them as he sat in his spacious,well-ventilated and comfortable office with two bodyguards standing at the corridor of his office made of glass.the secretary entered,greeted him as usual before listing all his schedule for today and was made to sign alot of papers and award contracts to people who signed for it and told her to get red apples for his wife as usual which she promised to do later and left before his personal assistant,Helen came in,dressed in a blue body-hug gown,exposing her cleavage in other to attract Francis.

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