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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 20
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Lilian was forced to see their family doctor on saturday together with Francis and Nanny Dee who followed her as they exchanged pleasantries before dr. Eugene proceeded in testin Lilian if she was pregnant or not even though her pregnancy hasnt come out,the test was conducted successfully and was told to collect her result on monday though the doctor was just smilin at the couples who didnt understand till he saw them off and left.The test was conducted at home for Rose on sunday by one of their neighbour whom was a nurse as she said it bluntly in front of Rose’s mother-in-law and Betty “Rose is four months old pregnant!!”the nurse replied,smilin and rejoicin with Betty and Mrs. Becky whom were singin and dancin to the Lord,most especially Mrs.Becky whom was extremely happy to the core and was huggin and thankin Rose for givin her a grandchild at her age but all Rose could do was to fake a smile becos she had other plans which was to go terminate the thing in her as soon as possible.


Its wasnt quite long that the news spread in her street that ‘Rose Johnson,the fruitseller was pregnant,for who?’no one could answered that except Rose herself though her mother-in-law claimed that its was for Thomas,her son which they all believed except Oscar who knew its was a lie as he forwarded the news to Thomas whom was suprised himself becos he wasnt expectin Francis,his boss to go that far to sleepin with his wife as he began makin plans of returnin to that house in order to make Rose’s life miserable and the b-----d she was carryin for his boss though he didnt knew Lilian on her own was carryin his child too.Francis was the happiest man on earth becos Lilian was pregnant for him,the news spread in the Macaulay’s mansions,families,friends and companies,he couldnt believed it when the doctor gave them the result on monday which was tested positive that Lilian was pregnant for him as he couldnt stopped thankin and huggin her while she pretended all along that its was for him too.


The news of Lilian being pregnant reached Thomas whom became happy and confused,happy becos he was now a father and confused becos Rose was pregnant for Francis while Lilian was pregnant for him,claimin its was for Francis which got him confused as he sat on his bed in his room,thinkin of what would happened next.Lilian was so happy becos she was pregnant even though it wasnt 4 her own husband but for her driver for that matter,she felt its was the best time for him to be sacked so that he wont have any reason to reveal the secret between them,she thought of hirin boys to eliminate him or sendin a maid to poisoned his food but didnt like it becos she didnt want his blood to be on her head as she thought of what to do when the idea came to her head,she would accused him of stealin so that Francis can send him to jail and with that ‘he wont be able to come near my family and my unborn child not to even talk of locatin this mansion’ she thought as she rubbed her belly gently, laughin wickedly.

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