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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 21
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Rose had tried several abortions in different hospitals without Betty and her mother-in-law’s knowledge but wasnt either attended to or was ignored becos her stomach was now bulgin out though some of the doctors had been advisin her not to go for abortion due to some bad consequences,she didnt go to work again and would just stayed at home or at times helped Betty in her small saloon,not far from their houses,her mother-in-law even told her not to sell fruits and vegetables again and changed her occupation after she has givin birth which she accepted though her mother-in-law had been kind and carin by buyin her provisions,baby’s stuffs and the likes,she didnt send Rose on an errand again and would sometimes beg Bem,Betty’s 5year-old son on an errand.Durin the week,Francis brought alot of baby stuffs for Lilian,together with nanny Dee and even bought gold jewelleries and a beautiful pink ankara for her becos he couldnt wait for his child to be born.


Its was a new week in the month of november and its was a monday mornin as the pregnant-Lilian began scatterin her wardrobe,searchin for the gold jewelleries and ankara,Francis brought for her in August but couldnt found it and told her husband who helped in searchin but couldnt found it,they even called and told nanny Dee who helped in searchin but still couldnt found it which caused uproar in the mansion as Lilian started rantin and shoutin on top of her voice,pretendin to be angry becos her properties couldnt be found though Francis was tryin to calm her down but wouldnt listen which prompted him to callin the police becos he was also angry too becos there had never been any form of stealin in and out of the mansion as Lilian insisted that all staffer’s luggage in the house should be checked n anyone with her properties shall be sacked n arrested as every workers gathered in the livin room with their luggage in their hands as Francis ordered the bodyguards to search everyone,one after the other.


Everyone was at the large n decorated livin room,being searched one after the other as the last person standin was Thomas,waitin to be checked as all eyes were on him when one of d bodyguard took his luggage n was searchin continously,Lilian stood beside her husband,eyein n hissin at Thomas whom indirectly was starin at her lustfully while Francis on the otherhand was frownin n angry for the first time in the mansion as the bodyguard searched again till he found it in Thomas’ luggage as he brought it out n showed it to everyone as some clasped their hands in suprise while some began to murmur quietly which got Thomas confused and speechless as he stared at everyone while Lilian began insultin him and before anyone knew it,Francis slapped Thomas thrice and held his shirt in anger “how dare you?…you b-----d!you’ll rot in jail!officer,arrest him,he is a thief!” Francis shouted as the policemen handcuffed him,he tried defendin himself but it all fell on deaf ears as they dragged Thomas to d car.


The news got to Mrs. Becky that Thomas,her son had been arrested and accused of stealin which got her suprised as the news spread everywhere on social medias,magazines,newspapers,etc.Rose was in Betty’s saloon,eatin her lunch when the t.v showed it that ‘Thomas Johnson had been arrested for stealin at his place of work’ which got her confused as the food fell and poured before breakin down in tears ‘for how long Thomas would keep on disgracin her and tarnishin the family’s image?’,she thought even though its wasnt his first,second or third as she cried the more,he didnt even tell her he was workin so definitely,his mother would know,she thought and cried bitterly before Betty came and petted her becos she also have seen the news.Lilian was so happy becos finally,Thomas had gone away from their lives and would spend the rest of his life in prison,she thought as she informed her friends whom were happy for her,she couldnt stopped smilin as she celebrated it alone in happiness and excitement.

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