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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 23
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Its was friday afternon,everyone had gone out since mornin to work except Rose who stayed at home as often,sleepin and eatin when she felt the first pain and screamed in pain as she held her waist and stomach till its continued non-stop which made her winced in pain as she groaned in sorrow,shoutin for help and began to cry for the pain was too much and was unbearable as she held her waist and her protrudin stomach,breathin faster as she grasped for air becos the room was stuffy and full of heat as she sat down on the floor,cryin for help becos she was in deep labour as she shouted Betty’s name who was probably in her saloon as she gnashed her teeth and clenched her fist,feelin dizzy and was sweatin real hard becos she couldnt take it anymore and was ready to deliver as she lie on the floor,draggin herself in pain and screamin and weepin at the same time as she began cursin Francis underneath her breath for puttin her in this kind of situation as she groaned and groaned in tears till she passed out


In that same afternoon,on that day,Lilian on the otherhand,was readin a magazine and at same time chattin on her android phone,she wasnt feelin any pains niether was she groanin as she enjoys herself,eatin,drinkin and sleepin till Francis came in the night.Mrs.Becky and Betty were in the hospital,prayin for Rose’s safe delivery even though they knew she was in a critical condition becos the doctor told them that she wasnt ready to push the baby and the baby wasnt givin effort to come out since afternoon till now which was night as they couldnt sleep or sit,they were scared that she might die as the doctor and some nurses were runnin helter-skelter.Rose was in the labour room,tryin to push out the baby but couldnt becos there were little or no strenght in her as she tried to push and push but the baby wasnt comin which made the doctor gave up on her since she wasnt ready to push and the baby wasnt comin either,Rose couldnt stop cryin whenever she tried to push n would give up when she was weak.


The next day was saturday in the mornin,Francis didnt go to work as usual but today was different becos its was the day,Lilian was in labour as she groaned in pain,screamed in bitterness as Francis helped her through the stairs together with nanny Dee till they got to the camry car and drove to their family’s doctor hospital.Its was mornin,still Rose hasnt pushed and the baby hasnt come out yet as she wept bitterly,tired of pushin till the doctor and some nurses came again,urgin her to push till she pushed and pushed and pushed till the baby came out while Rose passed out as it was cryin,full of blood as she(doctor) cut the umbilical cord before givin it to the nurses to wash thoroughly as the doctor took care of Rose,whom was unconcious.Betty and Mrs.Becky,sat,thinkin of what happened to Rose when they saw that nobody came to give them information about Rose as they watched men,women,old,youths and children passin by in the hospital,doin what thing or the other together with nurses and doctors.

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