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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 25
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Francis took Lilian home after she was discharged at the hospital as he threw a great party for the baby that day where alot of sumptous meals were cooked,businessmen and women came,his family members,friends and clients came to celebrate with the him as they gave them alot of gifts though some were complainin that the baby didnt resembled Francis at all,who just laughed it off,tellin them that she took after Lilian who had dark eyeballs though there were less happiness at the party due to the fact that baby Valeria didnt have an hazel eyes like Francis and his brothers whom were married also and blessed with wonderful children as Francis told nanny Dee,who advised him to ignore it,tellin him that its normal and that baby Valeria was a special child who took after her mother,Lilian before beggin him to accept his fate like that which he did from that day on as he showered both mother and child with great love and care,day in,day out,non-stop.


Thomas’ mother never stopped visitin her son in the cell as she would always tell im how Agnes was doin even though she saw he didnt care less and would hissed and scoffed wickedly without sayin a word becos he hated her father and definitely,he’ll hate her too most especially Rose,his wife who cheated on him and was gonna pay for it dearly.

Lilian suggested to Francis,they should travel to Singapore so that her daughter,Valeria could be bred there and even become a citizen of that country which he accepted and decided that she would schooled primarily in Singapore and would later schooled in Nigeria for her secondary class which Lilian agreed as they flew to Singapore on monday in d other week,to begin a new life and most of all forget their past.Rose started a new job in another market,along the road,sellin snacks like doughnut,puffpuff,bons,fishrolls,beanscakes,etc and drinks also as well as apples,watermelons and pineapples as she made a good sale due to her humility and kind nature.

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