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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 27
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Valeria had grown up too as she resembled her mother in so many ways except for her eyeballs which were as dark as that of Thomas,she was very proud and rude as she talks to anybody anyhow,no matter the status and would at times indirectly talk harshly to Francis who would get mad at her and would scold her severely but her mother who side her,never cautionin her and was ready to fight with anyone who dares lay a finger on her daughter,includin Francis,which made she(Valeria) not to have alot of friends due to the fact that she was too choosy n doesnt mingled with the poor most especially though her bestfriend n neighbour,Ethan Reyes,the 6years-old son of Susan,one of Lilian’s friends was the only one who understands her the most which made her had a secret crush on him as they played games,went on horse racin,go to d cinemas,etc to the extent that everyone started matchmakin them,callin them ‘husband and wife’ which would make the 5year-old Valeria smiled sweetly to Ethan,who didnt care less.


Agnes and Bem were the best of friends as they both would do their school homework together,racked jokes,eat together and at times rode bicycles together,its was the best experience for Agnes has her beauty never faded and was still fit though was poor,as young as she was,she helped her mother,Rose in doin the housechores,run errands for her and her grandma and helped carry the neighbour’s grocerries bag before dashin her money which she would give to her mom,she never stopped askin Rose why she had hazel eyes and Rose didnt becos her friends in school and at home were always mockin her for havin an hazel eyes and would even advised her to plucked it away becos its was a bad omen which wasnt true and wasnt the first or second as she would feel very sad and cry about it though Bem was always there to comfort her,she grew day by day in wisdom and beauty as young as she was,still 5years-old and some illiterates guys in her street were beggin her mother 4 Agnes’ hand in marriage which Rose rejected.

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