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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 29
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The Macaulay’s family had moved to Nigeria since 4years ago,becos of Valeria who suggested she wanna complete her secondary education in Nigeria and also be closer to Ethan,whom was now in Nigeria with his family as they started attendin the same secondary school,right from sss1 and had just finished their sss2 and was now on holidays,preparin to enter sss3 which made them both popular in school as Ethan was into sports while Valeria was into ballerine in school,just to impress Ethan,whom wasnt givin her much attention unlike before becos he already had alot of friends in Nigeria and overseas and had his own group with its name called ‘The Stupid’,so also as Valeria,who had her own group in school with its name ‘Harmony’s Princesses’ which was derived from the name of their school called ‘Harmony High’,mainly predominant for the rich with an exclusion for the poor which were hard to find becos no student from a wealthy background mingles with them and would surely know them by their fruits.


Bem was schoolin at Harmony High,not becos his mother was rich but was just tryin to make ends meet even though at times he stayed at home due to uncompleted school fees which was up to a million or would rather not come to school if Betty,his mother couldnt afford the fee while Agnes on her own was attendin a private secondary school which wasnt government approved but had to withdraw in sss2 due to uncompleted fees,lack of class materials,etc and had to involve herself in menial jobs like newspapers and flowers deliveries,carryin of grocerries,babysittin,hawkin fruits for her mum nd also helped her in her snacks sellin by the roadside with the help of her old bicycle which she had used her childhood savins to buy n was still every useful as she takes it everywhere though its wasnt that she received an handsome salary each day but 8k per month becos of her age but didnt care less even though she was being mocked at times by neighbours in d street for being a school dropout n would always feel sad.


Valeria spent most of her holidays at her bestfriends mansions as they would sleepover at each other’s houses,go on horse racin,go for shoppins n attend Ethan’s concert paintins,every saturdays just for his rich,brilliant n handsome friends to notice ’em,most especially Valeria who loves to play to the gallery and would keep an eye on any girl who tries to stayed close to Ethan even though she was aware,he was every girl’s dream guy in the whole of Harmony High both in and out,due to his handsomest face,brilliancy,popularity,talented and wealthy for that matter and also had alot of admirers and crushes whom were dyin to be his girlfriend to the extent that he was even an idol to so many girls both the ones he knew n the ones he didnt as they would flood around him n his frnds,most especially him,waitin anxiously to get his autograph or his phone numbers or his usernames on all his social medias he was into,as rich as he was,girls still gave him gifts;all these made Valeria envious,everyday.


Ethan on his own wasnt interested in girls becos he didnt had their time though he had alot of female friends dyin to be his girlfriend but had turned them down,tellin them he hasnt found the right girl for himself even though there were still more girls that had been confessin their feelins to him but didnt care at all and resisted peer pressures from his class and coursemates apart from his bestfriends.Rose never stopped feelin sad,most especially whenever she saw Agnes workin real hard to make ends for the family,whom was supposed to be in school but becos she couldnt afford it and mama was now stingy with the money she gets at her gamblin and was tired of being a debtor in the street as she wished she could do more for her daughter by givin her good life,good education,etc but just couldnt afford it as she would weep quietly in her room,makin her daughter come to console her and encouraged her but at times,both mother and daughter would weep together in bitterness and sorrow in their hearts.

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