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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 31
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On their way home,Rose tried as much as possible to avoid Agnes’ questions as she kept on pressurin her about her father,Thomas but refused to say anythin which got her frustrated as she quietly sat outside,thinkin of Thomas,her father which made Bem,her neighbour and closefriend came to sit beside her as they discussed about alot of things,most especially about their mothers as they laughed together,played ludo game,went on ridin their bicycles and at the end,taught themselves new things though it was obvious that Bem had a huge crush on Agnes,right from childhood days but never told her becos he was scared of being rejected due to the fact that he was poor and would seized the opportunity by tellin her how beautiful and adorable she was and how lucky he was to be her bestfriend which would make her blushed and smiled but never got into head and would just stare whenever Bem prevent other guys from comin to her and would warned other girls that she was his one and only bestfriend.


Its was now saturday mornin,the last week of his school holidays becos next week was his school resumption as Ethan Reyes never stopped preparin becos he couldnt wait to be back again with school football team though they’ve been doin trainin before their school vacation as he began changin his wardrobe,disposin his old stuffs like clothes,shoes,bags,wristwatches,etc and replacin new ones into the wardrobe with the help of his cousin,Anton,the 8year-old boy whom was also attendin Harmony High as a junior,they discussed about alot of things,ate snacks,etc.they were the closet pals in the house though Ethan’s brother,Trevor wasnt in the country currently but always communicate on daily basis through their smartphones and laptops as they kept arrangin and rearrangin new things inside the wardrobe till it dawned on him that he had planned on visitin his friends today as they quickly packed everythin,freshened up before eatin his breakfast and bade his mum,Susan and Anton.


On the otherhand,Agnes was preparin to go to work even though she had went alot of errands for her grandma,prepared breakfast for the family,did the housechores,etc. but Rose was tryin to stopped her from goin to work becos she wanted them to go visitin Thomas in the prison since its was their tradition to go visitin him,every saturday but Agnes refuses this time around becos she was fed up due to the fact that her father,Thomas doesnt wanna see her and would niether snobbed her or insult her most especially if grandma wasnt there or if they didnt bring food for him which would vexed him so much to the extent that its was niether he didnt attend to them at all or asked the policeofficer to return him to the cell but her mother kept on insistin but Agnes wont agree as she explained to her mum again who agreed to visit him alone and would sent her greetins to him which made her happy as she ate her food,hugged her mum before takin her bicycle along.

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