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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 38
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Rose didnt allow her daughter work for now becos of the exams she would be writin this saturday as she swept,dusted everywhere before proceedin to arrangin the snacks,drinks and fruits,its was a bright monday mornin as young folks in their school uniform were headin to school,expensive cars and okadariders passin by,pedestrians walkin very fast to get to their place of work,marketwomen tryin to sell their goods,shops and kiosks open,its was a busy day for everyone,people goin helter-skelter,just to make both ends meet.Betty was makin customers hair with the help of Agnes,who felt like workin as alot of customers came that day which rarely happened at Betty’s saloon,people loved Agnes as they gave her extra money for her humility and kindness which she rejected at first but later accepted after gettin an approval from Betty,its was an hectic day as she worked so hard at her saloon.


Days went by till it got to saturday,Agnes was fully prepared for the exams as she dressed neatly,combed her hair before receivin blessins from her loved ones,she promised to give in her very best in the exam since its was the only opportunity she had and doesnt wanna miss it as she boarded a bike to the centre though Bem followed her there too in other to ward off guys away from her as usual,there were alot of people,sittin for the exams even though Harmony High was gonna give scholarship to only 20students as they called their seat number till it got to her number which was 68 and entered inside though Bem could see guys starin at her which got him angry and frowned though he was glad abit that his friend snobbed them all.Agnes was given the exams to write which were english,maths,physics,chemistry and biology under 2hrs as people began to sweat profusely even though 5air conditioners were on,its was very tough and hard as she racked her brain to get those answers.


As usual,Rose and mama went to the prison to see Thomas as they brought food along and began devourin it in their presence before Rose told him that Agnes had gone to write an exam and was expectin him to be happy with her and mama but instead,made a straight face which was very scary “then,why are you tellin me!?whats my business?!!i never asked how she was farin so why tellin me?idiot!!”he shouted at her “but…but…but she’s your daughter,Thomas,our daughter”Rose explained,calmly “oh!…to hell with her!!!”he cursed “stop that!Thomas,she is your daughter and also my grandchild too,so stop rainin curses on her”his mother replied “whatever,mtchewwww!!”he replied,eyed and hissed at his mother before givin Rose,a cruel look which made her looked away while he lost appetite and returned to the cell with a policeman walkin behind him.

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