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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 39
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Agnes came out,smilin,to her its was just too simple nd easy “how was it?”Bem asked curiously “its was good,i wrote it very well,Bem,thanks”she replied,smilin “no problem,what’re we friends for?”he replied,smilin n pullin her nose “yeah sure,what’re we friends for?”she replied and giggled as they decided to trek home so as to gist very well as they bought snacks and drinks along the way.Valeria was at the Reyes’ mansion,together with her family as she and Ethan had a good time at the garden,she even danced ballet for him when he didnt asked her to which got him bored as he decided to play his psp,she got annoyed and indirectly scolded him but he ignored her,she couldnt stay away from him for long as they gisted,ate,played guitar,etc,its was fun and interestin to her,their parents were even matchmakin them which got him angry alittle and frowned indirectly but she was smilin and happy,he disliked it whenever his parents matchmaked him with any girl most especially,someone he had no feelins for.


Agnes and her mum never stopped prayin for the success of the exams though they knew its wasnt easy and that it takes the grace of God to get that kind of scholarship since there were alot of people who sat for the exam,she continued her work as she would hawk fruits for her mum in the morning,hawk pure water in the afternoon for one of her mother’s customer and in the evening,hawk foods like rice,beans and yam for her friend’s mother,Essie,it was fun and interestin as they would hawk alot of things together and gist at intervals in the evenin becos she<Essie> always go to school and would return in the afternoon since its was a public school,its wasnt quite long they became friends eversince her former boss,mr.Murdoch sacked her.Oscar never stopped gatherin money for his friend release,Thomas,whom had been in jail for 16years with no one plannin on helpin him out with his release,even the people who put him in jail had forgotten him there.


It was monday as usual Agnes had woke up early together with her mother in doin the housechores and preparin breakfast for mama only since its doesnt usually be enough for them and would at times go on starvin for that day.Valeria on her own would wake up anytime,have a warm bath,prepared by the maids,wore neat school uniform,eat good breakfast and enter expensive buses,specially made for her with the inscription of her name written on it,she hardly greets anyone since her parents were now workacholic as they would leave home before her or at times,sleep before they return at night most especially her dad,Francis,who at times sleepsover at a friend’s house,probably becos he couldnt make it home that night or had an argument with Valeria,who rather care less becos she didnt care at all becos she loved her mum so much more than her dad,probably becos Lilian spoiled her with fascinatin things and Francis allowin her to live a princess life in a tough time.

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