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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 41
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Valeria never stop learnin how to dance ballet as she would dance it anytime or anywhere most especially durin their leisure time where Ethan and his friends were present,she would dance it with all her strength and might just to impress Ethan,whom now find it borin unlike before when he had interest for girls dancin it,as a child and would at times ask Ethan,personally what type of girl he likes and would wanna date though he would tell her,things she expected,hopin that he still like girls who dances ballet,its was so obvious that almost half of the school knew she had a huge crush on Ethan,who rarely pay her much attention due to his studies as he would read,read and read without gettin distracted no matter what,its even made it alot easier becos he was a konk science student whom was extremely good at scientist’s stuffs as she would give him tough questions and hard equations so as to get the chance to sit beside him at the library or cafeteria among his peers.


As promised,Bem collected her school uniforms,Harmony’s sneakers and its schoolbag together with needed textbooks and notebooks as he gave everything to her,she was so happy and joyous becos she couldnt wait to resume school by next week monday,Rose had to thanked Bem alot for everything he had done for her daughter even though in his mind,he was only doin that becos of the huge crush he had on her and has kept it a secret for years.

Oscar kept visitin Thomas in the prison,who had now grown beards and had become violent and very strict as he frowns alot now with his mind and head filled with evils,deceit,contempt and deception towards everyone most especially towards Agnes and her mother,Rose as he at times bumped into them whenever they visit though they didnt know him but he knew them very well,knowin full well that Agnes was a half resemblance of her mother in character and a full resemblance of her father in beauty.


Its was now monday mornin as Agnes woke up by 5am to do the housechores and prepared breakfast for the family which was bread and jam as she packaged hers inside a plastic plate in a small polythene bag before goin up to have her bath when she saw her mum descendin,all dressed up to go to work since its was now 7am as she greeted her and went up to the bathroom in a hurry becos its was her first day at her new school.Valeria,all dressed up in her smooth n neat school uniform,was havin breakfast alone as usual at the long glassy n shinnin dinin table n at the same time chattin on her android phone when one of the maid came to meet her “do you want more sandwich,ma’am?”,she asked,smilin as she glared at her in anger,ready 2 insult 4 she hated distractions when eatin alone which she saw has lack of table manners “have you gone loco or somethin?!,did i asked for more sandwich,fool?!!,”she shouted “i’m…sorry ma’am,nanny Dee sent me to ask if u wanted more”she stammered “nanny what?!!!”Valeria screamed.

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