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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 42
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Valeria screamed in hysteria,that stupid nanny had just been gettin on her nerves for she never seems to mind her business and loves pokenosin to her dad at every little thing she did as she sent for her “you never seems to mind your business,dont you?,old woman!”she scoffed rudely “what have i done again,Valeria?”nanny Dee asked “dont pretend to me,you this stupid old hag!,did i tell you,i needed more sandwich!!”she shouted at her “but your mum was the one who told me to give you as much as you wants after packin some in your lunchbox for school”she explained calmly “you’re really somethin”she chuckled and continued “well,i just dont blame you,when all your mates are there reapin the fruits of labour and you’re still here!,workin as a maid without progession;she shooked her head in disgust and pity and continued “if i were you,i’d leave for good and never return to this mansion,idiot!!”she eyed,hissed and left for school not after threwin the yellow handkerchief at her annoyin face.


Bem waited outside for Agnes to come outside becos they were runnin late as he shout her name at intervals n would shout in a loud voice sayin either ”i’m comin” “wait for me,will you?” “dont leave me behind” “gimme a few sec,i’ll soon be through” till she came outside,dressed in a white longsleeved t-shirt with Harmony’s school batch also in the red tie and armless blue jacket with an ash flay skirt,reachin her knee as he stared at her from toe-to-head,lookin strikinly beautiful with her long dark hair,rested on her slender shoulders and smilin,revealin her cute dimples,its suited her to the core,makin her looked like as if she had been an Harmony’s student before as he stared at her kissable red lips n also at her enchantin hazel eyes “Bem!”,no response “Bem!”,still no response “BENJAMIN!!!”she shouted into his right ear which jolted him back to reality “oh,i’m so sorry,Agnes!,but i must confessed to you,you’re lookin amazin”he complimented “thumbs up to me then!!”she giggled,pullin his nose.


Valeria got to school as early as possible so as to see if Ethan was around but unfortunately,he wasnt in school now as she gists with her friends,boastin about her parent’s wealth and her ultimate friendship with Ethan till the bell was rang for assembly as they all lined up horizontally in the large hall,decorated with designs and paintins makin it looked fascinatin as the assembly took place for 10mins before the principal came up to give his borin announcement and the vice principal too,who came up to welcome the new students in each classes includin those that were givin scholarship as he called their names to let others know them,makin everyone applaud them except Valeria and her friends,whom were formin posh and also some other big girls and guys,who didnt care to clap since its wasnt compulsory till he mentioned the last name in the list ‘Agnes Johnson’ which Valeria n friends finds awkward nd borin as everyone was silent,expectin the person to signify herself by raisin up her hand but didnt.

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