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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 43
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Agnes and Bem were still on the cab as they sat nent each other,sweatin profusely due to the beautiful heat in the cab,includin other passengers sittin with them too as they waited due to traffic jam as Bem kept on checkin his wristwatch at intervals which was now 7:50am and at the same time groanin becos he knew lectures would soon commence anytime from now and 1min late for his class which was art class(sss3c) means no lecture for that day though Agnes didnt care less since its was her first day and was just encouragin him becos he was fed up and worried,wishin they had took their bicycles to school which was fully permitted.Ethan and his friends arrived at the same time as they sat in their class,operatin their laptops and smartphones and as the same time talkin as they await their professors from Brazil,Venezuela,Spain and Japan becos they would be teachin them for that day as they discussed politics,fashions and fads and latest cars which Ethan promised to buy specially for himself.


Bem and Agnes got to school by 7:55am as they quickly entered becos the securitymen were not there unless they would be severely punished for latecomin as she stared at the magnificient and ginormous school for the very first time which was painted in blue and red with each staircase leadin to a particular office or class or room as she walked slowly and murmurin ‘wow!,its so beautiful’ ‘Bem,dont you see it?,its so lovely and quiet’ ‘i’ve never seen any like this before’she muttered to herself as some students began starin and whistlin at her from upstairs in their class which made her uneasy and uncomfortable as she ran to hold Bem’s hand,whom was walkin faster,leavin her behind becos he didnt wanna be late for lectures as he kept on callin her name at intervals and pullin her but wouldnt answer becos she was lost in the beauty and glamourins of the school as he directed her to her class which was science class(sss3a),gave her friendly advise and hugged her before goin to his class.

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