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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 58
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“i’m here to buy some snacks”
Ethan replied staring straight into her eyes and smiling “you?,snacks?!”Agnes asked in confusion “yes,snacks?,or is there a problem with that,Fedora?”he asked curiously “yes,there’s a big big problem with that because how you got to know this place is what i dont know and as at the last time i checked,i remember not telling anyone where my mum works”she replied,eyed and hissed “oh…!,dont be suprise,Fedora,becos there’s no place in Lagos that i dont know so are you selling for me or not?”he asked rudely with a frown “no,i wont!”she barked at him “and why would you?”he asked curiously “becos even if you’re the only person remaining on earth to buy anything from us,i just wont sell to you!!”she screamed at him which got Rose’s attention as she ran out,only to find both of them arguing and had to stop them by apologising to Ethan,whom was now confused than ever as he stared at both women,not knowing whom was Agnes.


Ethan had to call the name ‘Fedora’ which made Agnes hissed as he stared at her,stared at her mother,stared at her again before staring at her mother “erm…eh…you must be Agnes’ mum,right?”Ethan asked with raised eyebrows as she answered “no wonder”he added smiling at Agnes,whom eyed him “so what do you want to buy,handsome?”Rose teased “i wanna buy all the snacks”he replied,smiling at Agnes,whom was so suprised because no one had never brought snacks up to that extent as she tried preventing her mum,who ignored her while she eyed and hissed at Ethan at intervals,who winked and smiled at her till he left as her mum scolded her calmly for not attending to him as a customer which made her frowned as she gave her some filmsy excuses and was smiling a little at intervals because what had happened kept recurring in her head,most especially whenever he calls her ‘Fedora’ in a romantic tone which made her heartbeat faster and felt a thrill down through her veins.


It was now monday as always,hawked that morning,got insulted by her father,did the chores and had to starve becos there was no food in the house as she went to school,together with Bem,on the way,whom complimented her on her beauty,expecting her to blush or smile but she didnt and was just pretending not to hear till they got to school,had their lectures in each classes even though Agnes had hers in discomfort and frustration as Valeria and her friends,kept looking at her with bad eyes and were murmuring somethings to themselves and were even scoffing at every question she answered,making her feel uneasy till it was leisure time when everyone rushed to the basketball court,only to find the guys playing as the school’s ballerinas began dancing too,especially Valeria,whom tried to distract Ethan,whom was playing and winking at Agnes,whom was trying to look away till he played rubbish and had to break the school’s louvres which got everyone’s attention.


It was their break when Agnes and her friends went to the cafe to eat as usual as they ordered their food and began eating and chatting when Valeria and her friends came,catwalked to buy their foods as everyone stared at them silently when Valeria intentionally went to where Agnes was and poured the food on her body and began apologising “oh my….,i’m so sorry,Agnes,it was a mistake,i…i….i didnt mean to” “ah…no problem,it alright Valeria,i was actually heading to the toilet!”she replied sorrowfully,looking timid as she signalled to her friends with her eyes and was about leaving when Natalia asked sympathetically “or should i help you wipe it off or something?” “no,i’m fine,seriously,i’m alright”she replied sadly as she walked hurriedly,which made some bullies intentionally hit her shoulders as she ran to the toilet in tears,not because of what Valeria did but becos thats was the only school uniform she had and had been managing it eversince her dad tore the other one when he was beating her.

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