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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 59
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She continued washing it off with the toilet tap water but wouldnt go becos the stains were thick as she washed it in tears when Valeria entered,laughing at her while she snobbed her “why do you keep on washing it like as if your life depends on it…oops!,i’ve forgotten that churchrat dont have money to purchase another one,am i right,Aggie,no..Fedora?”Valeria mocked “so,you delibrately did it,right?”she asked,sobbing “yes,of course or what else do you think,i’d do that for?”she scoffed and continued “if i were you,i’d just unclad myself since its dirty and useless” “why do you hate me so much?”she asked,still sobbing ☆☆

It was their break when Agnes and her friends went to the cafe to eat as usual as they ordered their food and began eating and chatting when Valeria and her friends came,catwalked to buy their foods as everyone stared at them silently when Valeria intentionally went to where Agnes was and poured the food on her body and began apologising “oh my….,i’m so sorry,Agnes,it was a mistake,i…i….i didnt mean to” “ah…no problem,it alright Valeria,i was actually heading to the toilet!”she replied sorrowfully,looking timid as she signalled to her friends with her eyes and was about leaving when Natalia asked sympathetically “or should i help you wipe it off or something?” “no,i’m fine,seriously,i’m alright”she replied sadly as she walked hurriedly,which made some bullies intentionally hit her shoulders as she ran to the toilet in tears,not because of what Valeria did but becos thats was the only school uniform she had and had been managing it eversince her dad tore the other one when he was beating her. “because,you’re my rival,my problem in this school and i hate rivals and would do everything to get them out of my way”she replied,frowning “no wonder,you’re so mean”Agnes replied,wiping her tears “really?…well,i’m just starting and won’t stop until you leave this school for me becos i’m still the one leading and would always lead!”she eyed,hissed and left in anger.


Ethan blamed himself for losing alot of goals today as his friends kept pressuring him to tell them what was wrong but refused even though Micheal understood as he threw a question at him which caught him off guard and made him frown “you do like Agnes,dont you?” “what do you mean,Micheal?,how can you compare me with that low-life of a thing?,you know thats impossible!”he replied,frowning with hands akimbo “like seriously…but i’ve caught you many times staring at that girl and at times,you even lick your lips which is more or less like you,Ethan!”Andrew reaffirmed “no,i dont do that and i’ve never that to any girl before…look guys,that girl is way out of my league and my parents wont accept such a poor thing so cased closed,lets talk about something else,please!”he replied and hissed though deep down inside,he wished he had never met her before becos he was making him lose concentration and no doubt it was gonna distract his academic,he thought and inhaled deeply.


She told her mum and mrs.Betty,whom advised she stayed away from her and be careful which she promised to do so as she hawked that day but to her greatest suprise,she met Micheal,whom intentionally brought all the fruits so as to give it to the orphans since he wasnt gonna need it as they gisted alittle till he left.Thomas had sent spies to spy on both Francis and Lilian and had been receiving good reports as he craved for Lilian’s body again and would rape Rose for replacement each time even though he niether felt a thing for her and was just keeping her and her b-----d daughter so as to make their lives miserable and worthless before sending Agnes packing and would use Rose to make money through prostitution,he thought and laughed wickedly.Francis,on his own was trying to be the best father any daughter could be proud of but instead,Valeria kept pushing him away,craving for material things from him which he gave her freely so as to make her happy but still,it was the same and was never changing.

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