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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 6
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Days had gone,weeks had passed and months had flew,its was now the month of june.everything was still the same for the Macaulays’ family as Francis woke up late,had his bath and ate his breakfast before leaving for the office since its was a friday,not after pecking Lilian as usual whenever he was leaving for the office.Helen came to do her thing as she normally does but he wasnt moved niether was he touched as he snobs her alot.he ordered Stella,his secretary to get fruits for his wife as always but she forgot because she was busy throughout and apologised to her boss,Francis Macaulay for not going in time but he promised to take her with him when he was ready to go home since today was friday.his friends never stopped teasing him for not having a secret lover like them but he kept on talking about a low-class woman so that Lilian wont get angry and jealous since she was of the high class.they discussed about alot of things most especially their wives and politics.


Thomas was discussing with his friend,Oscar about him gettin a new job for him(Thomas) since his mother had been laying pressure on him which he promised to do as Oscar assured him which made his mind be at rest as they both resumed their smoking and drinking together in the bar alongside with their other friends.Rose on the other hand was having a bad day because she didnt really made alot of sales today as the money in her for the day was just 12k as she hoped Stella,her customer would come today because its was now evening.Francis’ car halted at a corner for Stella to alight;which she did n went to buy apples from Rose’s shop as usual but Francis couldnt recall her face as he removed his sunglasses from his eyes and realised that she was the one,its was Rose,his ex- whom he left 25years ago during their high school days as he became sad n felt guilty for everything,he couldnt control himself as he shook his head in pain for he thought she was dead according to what his mother told him in UK.


Francis couldnt get his mind off Rose as her image kept reoccuring in his mind.he even pretended as if all was well with him when Lilian asked,his face was moody throughout the weekend as he would found himself thinking of her but his love for Lilian never departed and decided to pay her a visit on monday.Thomas didnt have Rose time throughout the weekend as he sleptover on saturday at Oscar’s house,went to gamble on sunday while his mother was just attending parties she wasnt invited and would pack alot food inside a black polythene bag at the parties and bring it home for consumption most especially wedding and birthday parties.Rose never stopped praying to God for the fruit of the womb and would attend church programmes whenever she was opportuned because if Thomas were to be around,she dare not go out except she was sent on an errand by either he or his mother or off to work.everything was kinda rough for her because life wasnt smilin at her at all but was worsening it to.

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