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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 7
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Lilian never stopped going to the hospital to meet their family doctor to confirm if she was pregnant but was still negative though she and Francis were okay which was said by the doctor but she just couldnt conceive for now and never stopped hoping because she couldnt bear to adopt any child.Its was now monday as Francis went to work before Lilian as always,he even attended alot of meetings till daybreak when he decided to go to Rose’shop without Stella whom was suprised when he said he was gonna get the fruits himself for his wife.Rose was selling to customers here nd there non-stop since there were no helping hand till daybreak as she was about having her breakfast in the evening when someone stood in front of the table where the fruits n vegetables were placed,usin his body to shield the sun peerin into her shop,makin her sweat continually as she lifted up her eyes n behold,it was none other than Francis Macaulay,her ex- who left her 25years ago to study abroad which made tears dropped her eyes


Francis stared at her from head to toe while she did the same,standin,he felt pity for her because she looked bedraggled and unkept in her patched long brown skirt and faded black top but was still looking extremely beautiful and natural with her massive curves still intact as he walked up to her sluggishly,stared deeply into her grey eyes and embraced her tightly while she did the same with tears dripping out of her eyes while he petted her in his arms with those soothing words to comfort her.

Rose couldnt look at him becos she was shy n was speechless till he started “i’m sorry,it wasnt my fault,Rose,i searched for you,visited your village,tried callin you but couldnt reach you becos my mother told me you were dead which i didnt believe,i’m so sorry”he apologised as he held her hands into his,pressin it gently “no problem Francis,i can understand,we’re just two different people with different worlds so i get it”she replied in sorrow and shook her head in pain “so are you married?”she asked.


Francis eyes widening a bit becos he wasnt expectin her to ask such a question now,he didnt know when ‘no,i’m not married’ came out of his mouth as he stared at her lustfully,stylishly licking his pinky lips “so are you married too?”he asked,smilin,expectin the answer to be negative but was the other way round “yes,i’m” Rose replied,smilin so that he wont go on queryin her about her marriage becos she was suprised that he wasnt married as good-lookin as he was till now,she thought as she shook her head slightly,remindin herself in her mind that she was a married woman,married to d devil himself “are you hungry?can i take you out for lunch?”he asked,bringin her back “uh..erm…ah….dont worry,Francis,as you can i was eatin before you came or do you want to join me?”she replied,showin him the cold rice with less stew on it and with no meat which made him feel irritated and stylishly rejected the food as he asked for her phone number which she gave him and left,not after givin her 25k for her upkeep.

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