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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 8
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Rose counted the money Francis gave her,she didnt wanna collect it at first so that he wouldnt have the impression of her being a begger,yes!she was poor and contented as she sighed in sorrow becos she wished Thomas was the one that gave her that kind of money as she hid the money in her safe box where Thomas and his mother wouldnt know even though she had settled her debts and gave 5k to Betty for her help,remainin 10k.Francis was so happy today becos he met Rose but didnt tell Lilian who didnt know her and kept it to himself as he couldnt wait to see her lovely face tommorrow and couldnt help thinkin of her as he almost mistaken his wife for her.its not that he is in love with Rose but just felt the magnetic attraction brewin in him to her body.Oscar called Thomas that same day,in the night that he already found a job for him as a chauffeur and decided to go to the house for interview which made him(Thomas) happy and told his mother whom was happy for him without tellin Rose whom was asleep.


Rose woke up as early as possible,did the housechores,prepared food for Thomas with his mother whom was complainin that its was salty and watery,knowin full well that its was her money that she used in preparin everythin but ignored him,washed the plates and left in tears becos he scolded her bitterly.Thomas and Oscar entered the huge house,painted in orange and white as they passed by the gardens,starin at different cars of different sizes in the large compound as they greeted the gardeners and maidens before enterin the house and was welcomed by a maiden,settled on the black couch and waited for their bosses for awhile as they stared at everythin in the sittin room made of silver before a woman in her thirties,dressed in a yellow gown,wearin black stillettos and a makeover on her face which captured Thomas eyes as he stared at the woman from upstairs,descendin gently and was swingin her hips which took his breath away as she walked up to them “you must be Mr. Johnson,right?”.


Thomas couldnt say anythin as he stared at Lilian Macaulay,Francis’ wife from head-to-toe,she was so beautiful with the perfectly arching eyebrows,her skin was smooth and her long brown hair packed in a ponytail,he couldnt get his eyes from her as they both stared at each doubt,Thomas was madly,truly and deeply in love while Lilian was glarin real hard at him becos of the way he was lookin at her that way “are you now done starin?”she queried “er…i’m….i’m so sorry ma’am”he shivered “whatever!you must be Thomas Johnson,right?”she asked “yes,ma’am” “married?” “no ma’am”he lied becos he was lost in her beauty as Oscar also pretended too “can you drive well?”she asked,frownin “yes,ma’am” “good!then you can start work tommorrow,pack your luggage along for you’ll be livin here and will be my driver,understand?” “understood,ma’am”he replied,smilin at her as she eyed,hissed n left,intentionally swayin her hips while catwalkin which set Thomas’ heart aflutter as he licked his lips profusely.

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