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Funke my sexy secretary  - Season 1 - Episode 10
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2 Millionaira ke, where I wan get am before I know what was happening 2 police officers walked into my office and told me i was under arrest and I kindly asked them for what but all they said was that I’ll understand better when I get to their office, two problems in a day, when I got to the station the assistant commissioner was the one who attended to me, it was then I realized his Temi’s father, yawa don gas am so sure I can’t escape this….

Temi’s dad : You impregnated my daughter and thought you can escape abi

Me: Sir its not…. **Before I could say anything a hot slap landed on my face that left me speechless **

**in my cell room**


Eh eh blackmail wahala dey wey I never settle now another problem don surface…

While thinking I saw Temi and she kinda felt for my pains, then my phone ranged and her dad picked it up since my properties were in his custody …

Temi’s dad: Hello

Funke: I want to speak with John, tell him if he doesn’t send the money to me tonight I’ll leak the photos and please get off the phone d--k…

Well funke did not know she just made an enemy with the devil, immediately funke droped the call, temi’s dad barged into my cell and i was seriously dealt with after which I narrated everything that happened between i and funke….

A pretty young lady walked over to my cell and I was wondering where I knew that face it was not long until I realized it was temi’s bestie that I and my bestie in uni played a game of truth and dare with which led to an unwanted pregnancy which I forced her to abort and unknown to me it damaged her womb, but little did I know her dad is the state commissioner of police, on hearing this I fainted…

Voice1: Oh boy wake up , you’re just getting started

Me: Where am I?

Voice2: **laughing** you have been transferred to the state soldiers barracks….

Me: Please can you do me a favour

What’s that?

Let me say my last prayer

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