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Funke my sexy secretary  - Season 1 - Episode 12
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10 million naira where I wan see am, several thoughts running through my mind , it was later I realized my father in law is a top police official…

Good day sir.

Temi’s dad:
Don’t worry I’ve already read the news , I am already working on it …

**knock on my door**

Gate man:
Sir a lady said I should give you this envelope

Me: Ok

When I opened the envelope i saw some photos in the envelope, it contains of photos of my daughter being maltreated…a small sheet of paper dropped and it has some writings on it which goes thus

” by now you’ll realize we mean business, and besides don’t bother trying to find out the person behind it, it’s actually two people (funke and funke)”
on reading this I fainted so I put a call to temi’s dad informing him about the latest development ..

So I decided to visit him in his office next day, on getting there the officers did not even bother to tell him that am around since they already know me as his son in law….on getting to his door I heard some arguments and something told me to wait and hear what’s going on….

Temi’s dad : You didn’t have to go that far to maltreat my grand daughter

Strange voice: I had to make it real na sweetie , you know we’ll share the money equally.

Temi’s dad: Sha don’t kill my daughter in law…

On hearing this I tip toed back to the counter acting like an emergency came up on phone so in order for the officers not to suspect anything I told them to tell their boss I’ll be back that an important issue came up….

**thinking **

So my father in law is behind all this, that means my wife is even involved….. Well I know what to do…. But I really need to confirm whether my wife is involved, at the time I was thinking I had forgotten I was driving not until I ran into an oncoming vehicle …..

Are you drunk? Now you have delayed me for appointment with the governor…

Me: Lalaski

Stranger: Is that you John?

To cut the long story short, lalaski is my day one gee from uni due to,one issue we lost contact , we later went to a nearby bar to discuss, it was when then I narrated all I was going through to him and I was shocked at his response….

Don’t worry in the next two days I’ll get your daughter back, but I really need to see the governor asap…

We exchanged contacts and I was really surprised at his response…..

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