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Funke my sexy secretary  - Season 1 - Episode 15
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Lalaski what’s wrong na

Lalaski :
Don’t worry you’re going today, you’re no longer useful to us o

I was surprised because earlier funke said am not getting out of here alive , which kind palava be this…. While I was praying inside my mind I was bundled again and delivered to my sitting room and I also notice they took someone along with them, who could that be well I hope its not my daughter…..

**Evening still blindfolded**

Later I managed to shout and Susan came to my rescue and it was then I realized it was my wife that was kidnapped ……

**phone rings **

**picks it ** hello

Lalaski: Na me o lalaski tell the governor say we have his daughter….

Me: But…. **call drops**

**wondering** governor’s daughter ke, me wey no even sabi senator pikin talkless of governor daughter abi Na which kind yawa be this o…..

**phone rings**

My dad:
Hello son

Me: Whose your son? #angry

Dad: There is something I really need to tell you about temi

Me: Which is?

Dad: She’s the daughter of…..

Me: Of the governor ?

How did you know… **call drops**
Chai my life just went from frypan directly to the fire ….

Yawa don gas, what I can do guess it’s all left to me now…

Now I started looking for a direct link to the governor but still nothing came through, then an idea popped to my head that if truly lalaski was working for the governor there should be a place in his house where he’ll be keeping his number…..

**inside lalaski’s room**

After searching for an hour plus I saw a small phone more of like a secret phone so I switched it on and saw the governor’s no alas so I decided to dial the no with the phone for a quick response…

Me: Dials no…,

Governor: Lalaski wherever you are just know you are dead, you think can play games with me abi…..

** Drops call**
after hearing I got scared again , hope am not transferring lalaski problem unto myself so I decided to man up and face whatever was coming my way but before I could do anything some guys came into the house and gave me the worst beating of my life and bundled me into to a sack , it was on the way i realized they were about to kill me…….

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