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Funke my sexy secretary  - Season 1 - Episode 18
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The doctors rushed the governor into the theater for an emergency operation, i and temi were outside shocked and confused and before we knew what was happening the press were already around…. I just wish say the way Nigerians press respond to emergency is the way Nigerian police force does….

Mehn Nigerians press can be so annoying and persistent with all the questions they’re asking, before you even try to answer one question another one don surface…

To cut the long story short the police force arrived late to control the press but before they came back the doctor that did the dna test for us has confirmed that temi is really the daughter of the governor, we were still on this when another doctor came out and broke the news to the press that the governor is dead…

Immediately Temi heard she busted into tears now the focus of the press were on her wondering what was her connection with the governor, i just don’t know why some doctors can’t keep their mouth shut, na so the doctor say “She just realized that the governor is her dad”

Come see different questions from the press, the police force were unable to control them because they never expected a press so large as that then one of the press asked a stupid question “Did The governor Abandon You Or What? “…. I was angry with the question and before I knew what was going on i shouted at the man but the man was being so stupid, the idiotic fellow that claimed to be part of the press asked the question again which increased the level of my anger and before i knew what was happening i gave him a hard punch as in a punch that can bring down a whole building……

The next thing i saw was the man on the floor lying down in his own pool of blood while i was handcuffed and taken to the station…

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