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Funke my sexy secretary  - Season 1 - Episode 19
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I was released few mins later through the help of the Commissioner , now the governor is dead and his son is still with lalaski and funke, what am i gonna do now to protect temi and my daughter o because no one really knows what happened to the governor o…

**phone rings**


Lalaski :
padi mi how far now **laughing**

guy guy

give the phone to temi

she’s not here

Lalaski :
i can see her beside you wearing a blue top with a black jean

On hearing this i was shocked And scared cause it’s now obvious they’re still after me and my family and i really need to do everything in my power to protect my family..

**hands over the phone to temi**

**angry tone** what can i do for you
Lalaski: it’s simple as of now you’re having #6000000 balance in your bank account

**shocked** how did you know my balance, who gave you access to my bank account details

ogbeni shut up and make a wire transfer of everything to the account details that will be sent to you or the next thing you’ll wake up to see is your daughter’s dead body
**call drops**

**crying** who did i offend? That’s now revenging in this way

what happened
She narrated everything to me and now i need to be very smart and play my game well because if i get caught the consequence will be great….

I called upon the commissioner and he secretly sent disguised security guards to my house, we secretly passed my phone to the guards who took it to the secret agents headquarters where the call was traced….

Lalaski made a great mistake of coming into my house himself to eliminate my daughter that night he never expected anyone to be around to protect us… Immediately he stepped into my compound he was apprehended before he could make any move… I was happy that at last the whole matter is coming to an end then suddenly we heard a gunshot, it was until i woke up the following morning in an hospital that the bullet hit me hard on my stomach…..

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