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Funke my sexy secretary  - Season 1 - Episode 3
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I was confused and downcast also wondering why didn’t she clean up and how she got my number, well that wasn’t my problem .. I really need to find out maybe what she’s saying is true so I called her back but she refused to say anything so I dropped the call and soon enough a text came in of a location we were to meet and I started wondering how a lady who works in Abuja got to know so much about osun well I just ignored that and later in the day I went to where we were supposed to meet. it was the bar of a popular hotel (Ripples) but on getting to the bar I met nobody and i started wondering about what’s going on, while I was still thinking the bar attendant walked up to me and she said I was instructed to give you this… It was actually a sealed letter labeled “To You My Love”, In my mind I was like wetin bring love enter the matter now well that’s another story for another day.

“Oga John Na wa o u don forget so soon that you have planted your seed somewhere and now it’s germinating, well I can help you out call this no 080******”

I dialed the number but it was not going through so I sat down at the bar and ordered for a bottle of gulder, I sat down and started thinking about how my life got so f----d up, am still 23 and not yet ready for marriage talkless of fathering a b-----d child not long enough my phone rang and when I picked it ….

Hello oga

Me :
What’s wrong **in an angry tone**

Sir the bank sent someone to see you and she insisted on seeing you today

Alright I will be with you in few mins
When I got to the office the person I saw shocked me and on seeing her I almost ran mad …..

Temi: John Na ur face be dis

**acting tough** temi temi
I know you all might think the lady was funke but she ain’t and right then I wished it was funke dat I saw


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