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Funke my sexy secretary  - Season 1 - Episode 4
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Omo you sweet die o

What do you expect

Just make sure you use the drug I gave you o

Temi: Trust me you know am not ready to nurse any child now.

It happened that I had one night stand with temi where she promised to clean herself up after the s-x but I never knew she had alot in store for me o. .

**4 weeks later**

Hello john, there is problem o

**surprised** what problem o

Am pregnant o

**shocked** for who?

You of course

Me: You must be joking o I can remember clearly that I gave you a drug to use after the s-x session

Ehn ehn you wan dey deny am abi, don’t worry we’ll meet later

**back to reality**

I started thinking about the one night stand I had with her back in uni but to my surprise she seemed less concerned about it which gave me a sigh of relief…

Back to the main thing that brought me here, we noticed that your company is no longer active with the account you have with us, so we decided to come and inquire about it

It’s simple we are currently pumping our revenue into a new line of business that’s why.

Temi: Alright sir **winks at me then looked at my devil**

Then my devil whispered to me see fresh fish for ground o no dull yourself so while she was about going I asked for Her contact but her response shocked me..

Temi: Don’t worry I’ll beep you when am less busy, your contact is not something hard to come by..

Well I was not actually bothered about t since I was the manager of the company… It was another text from my nightmare that brought me back to my right senses

“meet me again tonight same venue ”

I was like wetin I do this girl but while still bothering about funke, a text came in and on reading the text ……..

**light fades*

*shocked* where am I? What happened?

Later after regaining consciousness I remembered all that happened that led me to being admitted in an hospital..

This was the content of the text

“if you want to meet your child come to my house during the weekend, this is my address from Temi”

Then I noticed my life has being so f----d up but there was nothing to do correct it, I told the doctor to discharge me immediately but he insisted on me being discharged later in the night….

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