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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 11
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No need to be sorry, let go at least you are heading to where i use to board bike home. Okay lets go. Look at me o i forgot d fellowship i was to attend and was with my love, it was when we were passing that i heard the voice of the member singing praise and worship song. Ha, dami are you okay. Am okay just that i wanted, sorry i forgot i was to attend fellowship or would you go with me. Oh my god dami you are so funny, me that am a regular hin the fellowship i also forgot to go to the fellowship. Okay if e that is it lets go to the fellowship now. Okay dami no problem.

We went into the classroom the fellowship was held and joined in the singing of praise and worship, later the pastor preached, we said the closing prayer and the grace and left the class 2wards the gate. So how was the fellowship today. It was fine i loved the preaching of the pastor, he was clear and made use of the scriptures. We got to the gate and i cursed why we got to the gate eairler. Okay joseph see u onr mondaey…….

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