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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 15
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Little did i know i just created a load of problem for myself. I didnt want to Leave dami but the few weeks we were moving together i started developing this kind of feeling for her, i stoped reading and i failed woefully in the two test that was given to us. When i noticed she was getting far away from me i knew it was because of amaka, she was jealous seeing us together but it didnt matter to me,i seized the opportunity and stopped talking to her.

I didn’t ask amaka out neither did i ask damilola out for a date, i don’t know who spread rumours that i was dating both of them, i was furious especially whem my teacher accused me of what i did’nt do so i had to end my friendship with amaka to protect my name from stain. THE next few weeks what damilola did made me hate her, she started dating guys even my friend Prevail and toheeab who was brilliant in our class, i just didn’t know what her mission was or why she was doing those things but they failed woefully in the exam we wrote. thats why….

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