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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 17
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I finally helped prevail and toheeb to stop their relationship with damilola. By stickin.,g to me she stopped associating with them because she couldn’t talk to me because shi made me became a no nonsence person, i would shun anybody i dont’ talk to that dared talk to me. Soon the end of the term came and we went for the holiday of a month +. And i really enjoyed the holiday. The holiday came to and end and we resumed for the new term and session. I was now in jss3, we were all promoted to jss3, i prayed damilola would not be in my class because i would not want her to be my assistant again if i were chosen as the class captain in this new class.

But unfortunately she was still put in my class that i wondered if there were plans already made by the school for them to put us in the same class. But it wasent a problem to me, my class teacher automatically gave me the captainship and told me to choose my assistant. em i just couldnt chose dami again so i chose opeyemi. I could see d……….

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