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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 4
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that the guy has to come and meet her, but this is not a relationship and i dont know what he even feels for me. But still i can’t go to him maybe if i become gloomy again he would come to me, but that didn’t work again after that first time or did he know i was pretending so that i could get his attention. Days and weeks passed and we vacated, i was so sad and lost concentration in whatever i was doing. I made a lot of silly mistakes, i remembered when i mistakenly pour omo soap into the beans i was cooking, mistaken it for salt while thinking of joseph, the holiday was so boring and not seeing the captain of my life worsened it, at least in school i still steal glances at him but now i couldnt, i was madly in love with him. I prayed the holiday to pass quicker and god answered my prayer, the holiday went by and we were tu resume on monday, i was just so happy on sunday thqt i joined the choir that day, something i would never have done on a normal sunday, d love was having effect on me k…

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