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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 5
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I couldn’t sleep at night, i was so anxious, Monday finally came and i was over joyed my joy knew no bound, i was so overhappy that i didn’t look before crossing the road in which i almost got hit by a coming vehicle, i didn’t even bother to listen to the curses the driver rained on me, they didn’t matter as far as my love is concerned. I boarded a bike and alighted at the school gate, i heaved a sigh of relief immediately i got down from the bike, i looked around before entering the school compound. The school was full of students wqlking and cleaning their class rooms, i went straight to my claxs, i saw many of my friends and we greeted and hugged each other, while i was still using style to search for joseph, finally i saw him walk into the class, he was looking smart and handsome, i don’t know if he was getting handsome everday or it was the love that i had for him. 6 minutes later the bell was rung and we gathered at the assembly.

We singed and prayf while the principal gave his speechmgmmd

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