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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 8
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I thought of how i was going to give a good speech because i knew i couldn’t do it if joseph and the worst part was that he went to sit down facing me, i was lost in my thought, i didnt even know my class teacher has been calling me, his voice jolted me back to life. Damilola i have been calling you to give your speech but you are just standing there, anything the problem?. I didn’t know what to say, i was so confused and the unexpected happened, joseph came to my rescue.

Sir she has toothache so she can’t talk much, i guess its aching her so mucq thats why she cant talk. Our class teacher turned to me, is it true. I just nooded my head in response and pretended to have a toothache. Okay you can go and sit down. l was so happy and thankingful to the captain of my life for rescuein me, i guess he could read my mind and saw that l was going to embarrass myself in front of the class and so he had to come to my rescue. I deceide to seize the opportunity of the captain title to get to himw……….

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