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Hired Bride - Season 2 - Episode 6
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Kelsey took a deep breath before entering through the doors. She told the receptionist that she had a reservation under the name of Delilah King and the woman quickly assisted her to her seat. Kelsey didn’t think she would ever come back to the garden restaurant she once went to with Delilah. Kelsey was relieved when she saw that the table was vacant, which meant that he hadn’t arrived yet. She was grateful that she came first. Well, considering the fact that she left Margie’s house fifteen minutes earlier than needed, she really wanted to get there before him so she would have some time to ready herself. She was guided to a private room of the restaurant. It was really isolated, closed-off from everyone else. It had a one-sided mirror where one could see from the inside but not from the outside, hence it was very good for privacy. She was thankful of Delilah for arranging it since she knew that what they were going to talk about today was very personal. “Would you like to order now, ma’am?” The waitress asked as she handed her a menu. Kelsey viewed the menu and ordered two steak Greek salad with cream mushroom soup on the side. She also ordered some green tea and told the waitress to follow up on further orders they might have later on. As the door closed when the waitress left, Kelsey bit her bottom lip in anxiousness and felt her palm sweating. How would she feel when she sees him again? Would she be able to take it? Would she still be able to stay away from him after this? She knew it wasn’t a good idea to meet with him again. But she had promised Delilah that she would do this favour for her. And Kelsey was a woman of her words. A promise was a promise and she had to keep it. She was so caught up in her little world, thinking through the conversation she would have with him, that she almost missed his arrival. She could hear his voice as he entered the private room. She had her back facing the door, hence she really couldn’t see what he was doing. But because he was speaking so aggressively, she knew he was most likely on the phone. “This is the last time I will allow you to set me up on blind dates like this, Gran! I gotta go.” He hissed under his breath but Kelsey heard him anyway. She heard him sigh and he circled the table to get to his seat.

Kelsey watched him ran a hand through his hair in frustration and his tousled hair made him looked even hotter in that suit of his. He still hadn’t looked up from his phone, trying to show how uninterested he was at the moment. He hated the fact that everyone around him were trying to set him up on dates. When would they realize that he only wanted one woman, and that woman had somehow became someone he was forbidden to have. Mason sat on the chair, still trying to buy some time before he lashed out on the woman he had no interest in having lunch with. “I apologize for this.” He insincerely and coldly said as he made sure that his phone wasn’t on silent mode so he could make an escape in case someone rang him. He was putting his phone in his pocket as he spoke. “Clearly my grandmother had set this up and I really have no interest in-” Mason was stopped mid-way when he finally peered at his supposed date for the day. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Were they playing tricks on him? He blinked once, twice, three times, but she was still there, sitting in front of him in all flesh and bones. “Hi…” Kelsey sheepishly greeted him. Her voice sounded angelic in Mason’s ears. He missed her so much that he so badly wanted to push the table that was separating them away and pull her into a bone-crushing hug and kiss her senselessly. If only she knew how she badly affected him. For the longest time, nobody spoke a word. Both were too enchanted with each other’s company. They were only staring at each other as if they were memorizing every single outline and detail of their faces. The waitress came in, pushing a rack and placed their orders on the table. That seemed to have snapped Kelsey out of her trance. The waitress poured them some tea before placing the small tea pot on the table. Kelsey uttered a quick thanks before the waitress left with the rack. Kelsey cleared her throat before she spoke. “I hope you don’t mind that I’ve already ordered.” Kelsey glanced up at him to see his expression but she quickly turned away, unable to keep eye contact with him due to his intense stare. It was as if he was peeling her up and looking right into her soul. After a moment of silence, Kelsey attempted to glance at him and failed once again when her eyes were met by his powerful gaze. She saw fury dancing in his eyes and she became frightened by it. She didn’t know when he would turn into his beastly form. She sure hoped he wouldn’t because she didn’t know if she could handle his anger at the moment. Mason balled his right hand that was resting on the table into a fist as he tried to calm his body down. He was starting to feel the heat rising and it wasn’t because he was angry at her. It was due to the fact that her presence alone was making his body react in such ways that he had never felt before. He was furious at himself for feeling the way he was feeling and if he didn’t control himself, he didn’t know what he would do to her. It was more than just lust he was feeling, it was love. Mason was interrupted with his thoughts when he felt a tingling s£nsat!on on his right hand. He looked at it and saw Kelsey’s hand resting on top of his. She was about to pull away but he held her soft hands and held it tightly enough so she wouldn’t be able to pull away. “Don’t let go.” He whispered and Kelsey felt her heart break at how fragile and defeated his voice sounded. “Did you hear what I said?” She asked him as he turned his attention back to her. He shot her a questioning look and she smiled at how adorable he looked with his furrowed brows.

She didn’t realize how much she had missed him until that very moment. “I said, your grandmother asked me to do her a favour.” She repeated herself. Mason was so enticed by her smile that he almost missed what she was saying again. But once her words had registered in his head, he had only understood what she was telling him. “What favour?” He asked in curiosity. Kelsey took a deep breath before she pulled the letter out of her purse and placed it on the table. “What is it?” Mason questioned her with an expecting answer as he eyed the old, rusty paper. “It’s a letter.” She answered and encouraged him to take it and read it. She was unsure of how he would react once he finds out about the whole truth. She was afraid that it might really break him to the point that she wouldn’t even know how she would pick up all the pieces and fix him back up. She was uncertain if she could patch up the wounds that the truth would cost him.

Mason stared at the letter in interest. He had a bad feeling about it though. He felt iffy about what the content of the letter might be about. “I know it’s a letter.” He replied with an obvious tone. “But what’s it about?” He asked. Kelsey bit the corner of her bottom lip in anxiousness and she could feel her hands turning cold. “I think it would be better if you read it for yourself.” She told him, avoiding his intense stare. Mason watched her with scrutinizing eyes, trying to read her and finding any clues as to what the letter might be about. But she gave nothing away. Her eyes remained low, dodging his own. He sighed and let go of her hand. Kelsey looked up at the sudden coldness feeling of her palm and intertwined it together with her other hand, placing them on her lap under the table. To say that she was disappointed was an understatement, she really missed him.

Mason took the letter in his hands and slowly opened it. He could feel Kelsey’s gaze watching his every move as if she was readying herself if something happens to him.

He looked at her again and she only shot him an encouraging nod. He turned his attention back on the letter he was holding and took it out of the envelop. He slowly unfolded it and started reading. Kelsey was nibbling on her bottom lip the entire time he was reading, waiting in anticipation. Mason’s chest dropped at the very sight of his father’s penmanship. He knew his father all too well that he even knew his cursive handwriting.

Victoria, I really am sorry for what I have done. It’s unforgivable, I’m fully aware of that. But I hope that one day, you will learn to forgive me and trust me once again. Please don’t take my daughter away from me. I love you, I love our family. I know I lack in many things as your husband and as a father to our daughter. I know I’m not the same man I was before, but I promise to be better.

To become a better husband and a better father to our Ysabella. Please don’t leave me. Please try to understand my situation. I didn’t mean to do it. I’m sorry, but I need to see him again. I know you told me that if I see her again, you will leave me. But we have a child. He is my child, Victoria. And I need to protect him. I need to protect my son. I will explain everything to you, I promise. But for now, I need you to understand me. I’m leaving for a couple of weeks to take care of this. I need my son, Victoria. I hope you understand that although how he had come about was a mistake, I don’t regret having him. Because he is only an innocent child. Because he will always be a part of me. I need to protect my son, Victoria. Please, I beg of you, to wait for me. When I return, I promise that I will be completely honest with you, that I will explain everything to you. I love you, Victoria. I love you very much. Edward Mason felt a tear escaped his eye and he quickly wiped it with the back of his hand.

He folded the letter up and placed it back in its envelop. He didn’t know what exactly he should feel. There were so many things that were running through his head. Did his father actually care about him all this time? Did his father truly love him? Did he really leave Victoria and Ella to find him? Who was he trying to protect him against? All of these questions were buzzing in his head and his feelings were crowding him that if he didn’t release them sooner or later, he had a feeling he would just blow up. Kelsey watched him carefully and waited for him to do or say something. But he was just sitting there, staring at the letter in his hand. She saw the tear that he had shed and she had a feeling that the letter would bring more confusion and turmoil rather than assurance and comfort. She slowly rise from her seat and stood before him. She placed a hand on his back and patted him soothingly. “Everything will be okay, Mason.” She assuringly whispered to him. “Everything will fall into its place.” Kelsey was surprised when Mason abruptly stood up and pulled her into a tight embrace. He wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his head in the crook of her neck, breathing her scent. Kelsey missed him, she really did and she couldn’t help but enjoy every moment of his hug. She returned it and wrapped her arms around his back, rubbing circles on it to soothe him. She could feel his body shaking as a sob escaped his lips. Kelsey’s heart broke at the sound of his grief-stricken cry and she felt so useless at the moment because all she could do was whisper reassuring and encouraging words at him. “I’m here, Mason. I’m here for you.” She notified him. As time ticked by, Mason’s sob lessened until there were no more tears left in him. Once he had calmed himself down, he pulled away from the hug only far enough so he could see her face.

It was valid to say that she had seen him through his worse. And Mason was glad to have spent every memory, even the bad ones, with her. He just couldn’t even imagine a life without her. Mason held her cheek with his right palm and affectionately rubbed her cheek with his thumb. “I promise that after this, after I sort this problem out, I’ll fix us, Kelsey. After this, I promise that I will keep you with me forever.” He informed her, causing a chuckle out of Kelsey. “Promise me that you’ll wait for me?” Kelsey grinned at him and rested her forehead against his. “I promise that I’ll be right here.” She vowed to him. ______________________

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