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If I Never Love You - Season 1 - Episode 69
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“Anne, stay away from this woman. Antonio hugged her to his chest.” He couldn’t believe he had been blind to the schemes of Stacey for so long.

“What the hell is going on?” asked Anne.
All colour drained from Stacey’s face again.
“Antonio, what you are doing to me is not fair, my love for you exceeds that of Anne. I truly love you from the bottom of my heart.”
Hearing this, Antonio chuckled to himself “Do you think I don’t know the reason you left suddenly three years ago?”
Anne was totally aghast … “He knows?”
“I … it’s because I read the diary, and I wanted my sister to be happy …”

“You shameless liar” Antonio screamed: “You did not leave because you wanted Anne to be happy, you left because of your own selfish interest. You stole Anne’s design to participate in the Best Designers’ contest. As such you got an invitation from them to go study in France … But you couldn’t keep up with the work there because you didn’t have a designer’s talent, that’s why you returned.”
“Antonio, what are you talking about?” What design draft? What Designer’s contest?
Anne already guessed what was going on but she didn’t want to accept this. How could Stacey do this?
Antonio held unto Anne’s hands: “So she didn’t leave because she wanted to make you happy, but for her own selfishness. She also secretly stole your diary from your room and placed it at her own doorstep to cover up her deeds.”

“Things … This is it?”
As all this exchange was going on, more people had gathered at the door of the bridal lounge. A bunch of reporters were also originally there to interview Anne about how she felt getting married to such a billionaire, they didn’t know they were going to get an even juicier information!

Stacey suddenly turned around and there were several cameras aimed at her.
She panicked!

“Don’t shoot!” Don’t shoot! That’s not true! ”

But these media men didn’t even act like they heard her.

“Miss Stacey please answer, the things that Antonio just said, are they true?”
“Miss, do the officials of the contest already know that the design was stolen?”
“Miss Stacey …”

…… A heap of reporters asking different questions surrounded her, she was so panicked.

In the crowd, she saw Anne’s parents.
“Mom, Dad …”

But the old man looked down in disappointment.

You could say from the moment Stacey came into their house, they had paid attention to only her, totally ignoring Anne. Was this the little girl they had doted on all their lives?
Anne also saw her mother and father but slowly lowered her eyes.

Even if her father and mother at that moment were filled with guilt, she still didn’t have a place in her heart to truly forgive them.
Maybe…… Maybe her fate was to have no parents, maybe she was adopted. Only by thinking like this can she have a little comfort in her heart.

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