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If Only She Knew - Season 1 - Episode 13
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Dressed in a black suit. He entered the restaurant. He pulled a chair and sat down waiting for his
cousin brother.

“Sir! Can I take your order please?” attended the waiter.

“No, thanks. Where is Billy? Ohh here is.”
He walked to him and sat opposite.
“You know I am a very busy man,” he said placing his phone on the table. “What so important that
you couldn’t tell me over the phone.”
“I want you to fire that man. Whats his name..Andrew.”

“Fire him! Why would I do that? He is a very hard working man and the customers love him unlike
my other stuff.”

He looked at his cousin brother.
“Are we not cousins?” asked Max.

“Of cause we are but I can’t fire him. Could you care to explain why you want me to fire him?

Because I have never had problems with him. I wouldn’t want to let him go.”

“Listen Billy. Remember that I am also the owner of this restaurant. I helped you with the capital.

You will do as I say. Fire him or else this restaurant will be put under my name.” His deep voice,
with a hint of accent, was firm and commanding. “I don’t think I need to tell you again.”

“But come on man. Why do you have to be this cruel? Andrew never hurt you. Did he? You took his wife away from him. He is a saint but you..a disgrace to manhood. You couldn’t keep your
thing inside your pants.”

“Watch your mouth Billy!”

“Or what? I feel pity for that woman. I wish she knew what kind of person you are,” said Billy with


Billy studied his cousin brother’s face, looking for a hint of compassion, but there was nothing. He
didn’t want to fight with him. Neither did he want to fire Andrew. Max unfolded his arms and rose
from the chair.

“Fire him today. Are we clear?” he whispered squeezing his hand.

“Let me go Max!”

“Calm down. Chill. No need to get mad. We in public, obviously I wouldn’t want to blow your brains out. You fire him then I won’t hurt your wife,” he threatened. “Ciao ciao.”

He walked out of the restaurant leaving Billy with his heart pounding really fast.

Did he just get threatened by his cousin brother? Yes, Billy was much afraid of Max. After he witnessed the
murder of Max’s friend when he shot him. After he found him in his bed with his wife. He stood up
from the chair and noticed Andrew. He watched him getting into the restaurant. He looked down
not wanting to make an eye contact.
“Morning, sir,” greeted Andrew.
“Morning!” he responded without looking at him.

“My shift is yet to start. So I am going to put on my uniform.”

“That won’t be necessary,” he faced him.
“Pardon, sir.”
“You are fired!”
He didn’t want to say it but he just did.

“But what did I do?” asked Andrew with a hint of confusion in his voice.

“You not good for this job. Customers are always complaining about you,” he had to lie. “Here is your money,” he placed the envelope on the table.
“But sir…,”

He couldn’t hear no more. He grabbed his car keys and intended to walk out of the restaurant.

Andrew’s first reaction was to swift he wanted some explanation. He reached out and took hold of
his arm. He knelt down on the floor.

“Please, sir. Don’t chase me out. Don’t fire me. Don’t let me go,” he wiped the tears. “My daughter
is in the hospital. I am broke and need money. If I did something wrong, forgive me.

I will apologise to the customers,” he sniffed. “You are a very good person.”
Billy dropped a tear. First time to see someone kneeling in front of him, begging. But he had no choice.

He needed to let him go. He cleared his throat.
“I don’t care about your daughter.” He didn’t mean it but needed to hurt him so he can go. “Now leave my restaurant and don’t bother coming back,” he spoke rudely but deep down regretting his

He pushed Andrew out of the restaurant while he couldn’t stop begging. Even have been thrown out of the restaurant. He stood by the door banging it. Billy ignored him. “Oh God! What have I done? Forgive me Andrew,” he said to himself.

Andrew got up and started walking heading back home. After getting fired, he was jobless again.

It was back to square one. All hope lost. He remembered how happy he was, thinking he had everything a man could wish for..a beautiful wife, a daughter and a son and a well paid job.

Now he had lost everything. Deep in his thoughts, his phone rang.

“Dad! It’s Calvin.”
“Whose phone did you use?”
“A friend. Mrs Stick is removing things from the house. She is throwing us out dad. I don’t know
what to do.”
“Okay okay I will be there.”

He hanged up the call and took a taxi at his house. Upon arrival all the things had been put
outside and Mrs Stick was nowhere to be found.

“Where is she?” asked Andrew.
“Gone!” responded Calvin. “She came with some men and threw our things out. She locked the house and took her keys. What are we going to do dad?”

“I am so sorry son. It’s all my fault. I couldn’t pay the full rent. I guess we will need to sell all of
these things and look for a one roomed house,” said Andrew sitting on the ground, hands on the head.

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