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If Only She Knew - Season 1 - Episode 6
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After shopping they passed by the saloon. She had her hair done and he paid for it. It was around
two-thirty in the afternoon when he drove with her at his house.

“We didn’t go at the office today,” she said licking her ice cream.

“I am the Boss and by the way it’s a holiday today. I just want to show you my house. I hope you
don’t mind,” he said with a smile, his eyes focused on the road.

“It’s too late to say NO since we driving there.”

“I promise to drive you home early today. I don’t want to get you in trouble with your husband,” he

“You won’t.”

In few minutes he parked his car at a green gate. The gateman opened the gate. He drove in and parked the car at the garage. He got off first to open the car door for her.

“Welcome to Sauerstown. This is my house.”
“Wow! So big,” she said looking around.
“Let’s go inside please,” he said leading the way.

He opened the door and she got inside first. The house was well decorated.

“This is beautiful. It looks neat.”
“Take a sit,” he offered. “Champagne?”
“Yes, please.”
She walked around the house.
“I can’t believe I am in your house.”
He placed the glasses on the table and came close to where she was standing. Too close. Her
first reaction was to step back, but she stood her ground and met his gaze head on, despite the
pounding of her heart and the race of her pulse. Something in his expression had changed. He

really wanted to kiss her. She on the other side couldn’t help but look into his dark eyes. He
stepped closer and the air seemed alive with something she had never experienced before. Yes,
she felt attracted to him. His gaze dropped from her eyes and lingered on her lips and she realised
she was biting her bottom lip. The tension of waiting to hear what he really wanted was too much.

Her stomach fluttered widly and she had to concentrate hard just to breath. Her attraction to him was becoming stronger. If he turned on the charm as he had last night she would be lost. Worse still, if he tried kissing her again she didn’t think she’d be able to resist.

“You look beautiful,” he said softly.”Shall we drink?” He moved backwards
“Yes, sure.”

They sat beside each other. As she took a sip, she felt his gaze. In a bid to rein in her rising and
very mixed emotions she all but downed her drink in one go.

“Steady,” he smiled. A mocking smile. “That drink is pretty content.”
She looked at the almost empty glass. The remains of the liquid looked more like a soft drink, but
it’s effect on her head was already clear. Whatever was she trying to do to herself? She put the
glass down and turned to look at him.
“So,” she cleared her throat. “Where are your parents?”

“My mother died. Dad married another woman.”

She looked at his throat as he took the drink in one go. He looked at her.

“The toilet?”

Nerves made her voice quiver as she finally acknowledged the attraction she felt for him
“This way,” he said sitting up.

He led the way and showed her the toilet. She took a deep breath and looked herself in the mirror.

Thinking about her husband and kids. Knowing how much Andrew loved her. She didn’t want to
mess it up by falling for Max. She washed her hands and opened the door.

“Are you okay?” he asked. “I heard you talking to yourself in there.”

“I am fine. We can go back,” she said walking but her grabbed her hand and pushed her against
the wall.

He kissed her fingers and before she knew how she was in his arms, her body pressed close to his. Fire tore through her as she kissed him, giving way to all the new emotions she was battling
with. She wanted him with a fierceness that shocked her. He deepened the kiss, his arms pressing
her close against him, leaving her in no doubt that she needed to stop things now. She pulled back from him, her heart racing, and her breathing fast.

“I can’t Max.”

“Can’t what?” his voice was hoarse and he tried to kiss her again.

“This,” she said, moving back from him. “We shouldn’t be doing this. I am married.”
“I know I am sorry. Let me drive you home,” he said and she followed behind him.
The drive to her house was quite. She didn’t say anything to him and neither did he. He parked the
car at her house. She didn’t wait for him to open the car door. She was about to walk to the gate
when he called out her name.

“You left your things. I brought for you,” he said handing it to her.

“Thank you!” she said avoiding eye contact.
She went inside leaving him standing by the car. She opened the door and peeped by the
window. He was still there.
“You back!”
She jumped on her feet.

“Andrew what is wrong with you?! You scared me up!” she yelled.
“I am sorry I didn’t me..”
“Whatever,” she cut him short and sat on the sofa.

“I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to make you angry or piss you off. Bad day at work?”
She nodded.
“You bought new clothes?”
“Whats with the questions?” she spoke rudely.

“I am sorry. I won’t ask again, so sorry,” he said politely. ” Let me bring you, your food,” he said
and walked to the kitchen.

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