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If You No Get Money, Hide Your Face - Season 1 - Episode 14
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He quickly dashed out of the office.

He switched on his phone for it was
switched off because of the persistent
calls from his family. Immediately his
phone came on, he received a message
from his mother asking him to call back
for it was an emergency. He dialed her
number; she picked it up and was told
that his presence is needed in the house.
He wanted to explain his predicament to
her when his father collected the phone
from his mother and told him everything
that happened adding that it was a
matter of life and death situation.

He dialed Aria’s number asking if there
was any way she could source for the
money for him but all he got were
negative news. He was confused; he
didn’t know what to do. He went back to
his boss and knelt down before him
with tears in his eyes.

Ryan: Oga have mercy on me. Do not pay
me my next salary if you want, but please
just forgive me this once. He begged
with tears in his eyes. He thought of his
family, how they so much depend and
are looking up to him. He thought of
Evelyn who is lying unconsciously in the
hospital. I am so sorry Oga, it won’t
repeat itself again. Please forgive me.

It is because of my wife I employed
you else I would never have known that
you existed. It is also because of her that
I trusted you but you just failed me. I
should never have listened to her when
she persuaded me about you.

Oga please, give me a second
chance, I promise it will never happen

again. I know that I have no excuse for
what I did and I am sorry.

Boss: You know that I would have called
the police to arrest you by now. I am
even been kind to you by telling you to
provide the money before tomorrow,
isn’t that lenient enough?

Oga Please, I am the first child and
the first son of my family. If I lose my job,
I will commit suicide. My family looks up
to me for I am the breadwinner. My
parents are old and doing nothing and I
have four junior ones to look after.

Please, have mercy on me. The reason I
took the money was because my family
were lacking and I needed to provide for

And so? Am I not paying you your
salary monthly?

Ryan: You are sir and I appreciate but
the thing is no matter how much I give
my family, it is never enough. Please
don’t take away the only thing that gives
me happiness I beg you.

Boss: There is nothing I can do right
now. He said and stood up. Tomorrow
you will know your fate.

Ryan: Oga please, forgive me. He kept
pleading till his boss called his driver
after he stepped out of the office and
zoomed off. Ah! I am finished. I will
probably lose my job because there is no
way he will take me back. ‘What do I do
now and where do I go from’
lamented till he got home.

Few minutes later, Aria arrived his home.
She quickly went to him and hugged him

One hundred and twenty thousand
naira! You never told me that your family
needed such a huge amount of money.

I didn’t give them the money at
once. I gave them bits by bits.

How could you make such a
mistake? Why would you even think of
collecting the business money?

This is not the time for
condemnation. I am really tired and
stressed. I don’t know where to raise the
money from.

Aria: I wish I could help you but right
now, my hands are tied. I do not have
any money on me now. What about he
gives you some time? Did you beg him?

I did and he refused. He said I will
know my fate tomorrow.

Oh God! What is all this na. From
one problem to another. The more we
try to patch things up, the more it leaks.
What do we do now?

Ryan: I really do not know. My parents
have been calling me, asking me to come
home immediately. My step mother who
is six months pregnant had
complications and they are asking them
to deposit the sum of fifty thousand
naira before she will be attended to. It is
because of them that I am in this
situation. They think I make millions.

If my father had listened to me before
marrying Evelyn, I won’t be in so much
pressure like I am right now. Every time
they need money, like I am a tree
producing it. I am tired Aria, I am really

It will be fine. All you have to focus
on right now is how to replace the
money and pray you don’t lose your job.

That should be your main priority right
now. Let your parents do whatever they
have to do and when you are okay, you
will pay them a visit. By the way, I was
worried about you and took permission
that I won’t be reporting to work
tomorrow. Also when I got home I told
my mom that I will be spending today
and hopefully tomorrow with you. I
hope you don’t mind.

I need you here with me more
than ever and thanks for everything.

What are you thanking me for? Let
me go and prepare something for you to

After dinner, they had their bath and
cuddled each other on the bed. Aria was
thinking who she will call to raise that
amount of money for her the following
day while Ryan was thinking how he will
cope if he eventually lose his job.

I forgot to tell you that I called the
wife of my boss. Remember I told you
that it was through her I got the job.

Yes you did. Hope you begged her.

I did and I had to also tell her the
reason I collected the money. She was
angry initially but said she will see what
she can do. I hope her husband listens
to her and I pray I will be given a second

Don’t worry; all will be fine by
tomorrow. We will face the storm
together okay.

Ryan: Okay. I want you to make love to
me like this is the last time.

Raising her head to look at him
very well. Why did you say that? I hate it
when you talk negative.

Ryan: Sorry Aria. I am just too emotional
today. I won’t say it again.

Good and I will make love to you
like it is our first time; she kissed him on
his lips and they made sweet s£nsat!onal


Mr. Ejiofor:
‘if he has sent the money
when he called, I am very sure my child
will still be alive right now. Why hasn’t he
called us or send the money’ he asked
his first wife. Doesn’t he know that
Evelyn is in a critical condition and had a

Mrs. Ejiofor:
Give the boy a break. I am
sure his in a tight spot right now. You
know your son will be here by now if
there is an emergency, maybe something
came up that is why you haven’t heard
from him.

Mr. Ejiofor:
I hope so. He should bring
the money for the treatment when he is
coming ooo. Not that when he comes
here he will say he doesn’t have money. I
promised my friend that gave me the
balance I will pay tomorrow. I don’t want
to hear any stories when he comes ooo.

Mrs. Ejiofor:
Pity the boy abeg. He has
done more than enough already.

Just know that when he gets married, he will
have more responsibilities. You and
Evelyn should start planning how you are
going to start making your own money.

Give him some credit abeg.

Mr. Ejiofor:
You can say whatever you
like, he is my son and he is doing his

Mrs. Ejiofor:
That is why you want to
choke him abi? Anyway, it is late already.
I am not sure he will be coming today
again let’s hope for tomorrow. And by
the way, Papa Addison, make sure you
go to the hospital first thing tomorrow
and enquire about her health. I will be
there after I finish preparing hot pepper
soup for her since her junior sister is
with her.

Mr. Ejiofor: if he calls, tell him to bring
enough money with him.

Mrs. Ejiofor: ‘I don’t understand you.
Shouldn’t you be angry that you lost a
child? Your need for money should not
make my son steal because of you
people’ she said as she walked to her

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