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In Love And War - Season 1 - Episode 10
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The plane landed on the ground. She walked out of the plane. She looked different, more beautiful than before. Her every step scrutinized by all men at the airport as she walked with her suitcase. The charcoal skirt and jacket, although professional and businesslike, did little to disguise her womanly figure. The tantalising hint of lace camisole beneath the jacket caught their eyes, but it was the heel she wore that stole the show. Her designer leopard print heels not only spoke volumes about the real woman, but show cased the most frantic pair of legs they had seen in ages. Her glorious body intrigued them. She just smiled as she passed through them.

“There she is mum!” shouted Kiara. “Auntie Diana!”

She ran towards her. She let the suitcase fall and gave her a hug.

“Hello Kiara. I missed you so much,” she said. “Auntie Miriam! Look at you expecting another child,” she said and hugged her.

“Wow! You look beautiful Diana. London has treated you well. You look different. I wonder why those men can’t stop staring at you,” said Miriam.

They both laughed.

“Is that Diana or maybe it’s another Diana!” exclaimed the doctor.
“Uncle Raphael. It is me Diana,” she said and they hugged.
“You look different. Look at you.. ,” said the doctor.
“Can we go now? Seems those men can’t keep their eyes off me,” she went on. “How is my brother?”
“Working hard. A very intelligent young man,” said Raphael as they headed where he heard parked the car.

They all got inside the car. Kiara the other twin couldn’t stop complementing Diana.
“Mum. I want to go to London also. I will come back looking more beautiful,” she said.
“This kid. You know Kendrick won’t let you go all alone.”

They all laughed.

“Uncle Raphael. Drop me off in town. I need to go somewhere,” said Diana.
“I will!”

They dropped her off in town. She had to follow them later. She bought flowers and took a taxi at Warren Park. She got off and headed to the grave side. She got and knelt down.

DOB::::10/11/ 1957

She placed the flowers on the tombstone. After her mother fell in a comma. Her condition got worse and she later died. Diana fell in a depression. She could hardly eat and was admitted at the hospital several times. Raphael and his wife decided to send her to London where Raphael’s uncle lived. It was hard to convince her because she did not want to leave her brother. Admire was the one who got through her until she agreed. She never heard about Amy. The Mayor stopped looking for her. He lost his campaign. Since then the Mayor until now he didn’t know who Raphael was.
She dropped a tear. She had become a very strong lady because of his brother. Her mother was her friend, sister, superwoman. She missed her very much. She had so many fond memories of her. The pain of losing her mother became a scar.

“Mummy! It’s Diana, your daughter. I am a graduatee now. I wish you were here. I am a big girl now mum. Have just been called for a job interview at a biggest company in the country,” she sighed. “I miss you mum a lot. I promise to take good care of Admire. All thanks to Uncle Raphael and Auntie Miriam for taking good care of me,” she went on. “I haven’t found any man yet to marry me. I don’t need one not now,” she said with a laugh. “But well maybe I may need one in the near future. I love you mum. You will always be in my heart.”
She said her last words and got up. She walked where the taxi parked and got inside. The driver drove at the park. He dropped her and she walked around. She had missed the City.
A taxi parked in front of her as she waited. She was about to get inside when someone pushed her aside. She fell to the ground.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”?!” she shouted at him.

“This is my taxi,” he responded softly.
“Then why did you have to push me?”
“That was just a mistake. Ooops,” he said was about to get inside
When she pulled him out and slapped him hard on the cheek.

“You are very rude!” she yelled.
She got inside the taxi, closed the door and locked it.
“Let’s go driver!” she said.

The driver didn’t say anything but drove off afraid to be beaten. They ran out of fuel along the way had to stop. They parked along side the road. The taxi driver called his friend to come with another taxi.
He parked outside the gate. She got off and had forgot to pay the taxi fee. She went back.
“I am sorry. Why didn’t you remind me of the taxi fee?”

“I was afraid you would beat me up.”
She laughed and walked to the gate. She opened the gate. She headed to the house and opened the door.

“Can you believe it? She slapped me, bro. I am going to look for her and if I do find her. She will pay. How dare she slap me? She doesn’t know who I am,” shouted the man
The voice sounded familiar to her.
“Many people don’t know who I am until now. I am living a simple life. Out of social media,” said Raphael.

She walked in the loudge and staredhim

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