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In Love And War - Season 1 - Episode 19
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**The next morning Ray planned to work, but all he wanted was to be with Diana. It was as if magic had been in the air last night on the couch and had weaved around them, bringing them closer in a way he had never been with awoman before. Was it because he felt for her deep? He went to his study. He tortured himself when he heard her in the pool, but it was more than desire that raced around his blood.Finally as the sun was setting, he could stand it no longer and went in search of the woman who would tomorrow be his wife. She was curled on the sofa her phone in her hand. She looked up at him as he stood in front of her.“Hey, I can’t get Rose on the phone,” her words were very rushed.“Ohh she will pick up.”“I wanted to prepare breakfast but they are no eggs. I was hoping you would go and buy some,” said Diana.She knew she was in danger of falling in love with him. She stood up from the chair. She looked up at him.“I am worried about Amy. What if she comes after me?”“Don’t say anymore,” he whispered, putting hisfingers on his lips.He didn’t want her to stress out. Before she knew it she was in his arms, her body pressedclose to his. Fire tore through her as she kissed him, giving way to all the new enotionsshe had been battling with. She wanted him with a fierceness that shocked her. He deepened the kiss, his arms pressing her close against him, leaving her in no doubt thatshe needed to stop things now. She pulled back from him,“I think you should go and buy the eggs,” she said with a smile.“Okay my lady. I will be back.”He grabbed his car keys, kissed her on the cheek before walking out of the house. He gotinside his car and drove off.Diana finally managed to get through Rose. She was on leave and had to spend the day with Ray. She woke up not feeling well in the morning. She kept running up and down to thetoilet. She was just coming from the bathroom when she realised that the door to the sitting room was opened.“Babe! How can you leave the door open? That was fast,” she said walking down the stairs. “You already bac..” she stopped at midsentence.Her heart started pounding at an increase rate. How did she get inside the house? She stared at her unable to utter a word or move.“D or should I call you Madam President. Come sit next to me,” she said. “Don’t be afraid I won’t bite.”“What do you want Amy? How did you get inside?”“You still asking me that. How pathetic! Remember we share the same man.”“Ray does not love you Amy. He is in love withme. Move on with your life and for once stop with this obsession.”“No no Ray loves me. He must have asked you to marry him but he is mine. He is mine Diana!” she shouted angril stepping close to her.“He is not Amy. I suggest you get out of this house before I call the cops on you,” threatened Diana.“By the time they get here you will be dead.”Diana was about to grab her phone when Amytook it.“Don’t even think about it!”She pushed her against the wall and the knife on her throat.“I will kill you Diana. I swear I will!” she shoutedShe dropped the knife on the floor and startedstrangling her. Diana managed to fight back. She kicked her on the stomach. Amy was about to grab her hand when Diana pulled her hair.“My hair!” shouted Amy.She was about to go after Diana. Diana immediately took the knife which was on the floor.“Get out of here. I swear to God. I will kill you Amy,” said Diana pointing the knife at her.“You think you brave. Huh! You think you know how to use a knife?” said Amy getting close to her.Diana slight her on the arm. Amy let out a scream.“You trying to kill me Diana?” shouted Amy.“Get out of here! You think me growing up being poor. I don’t know how to deal with people like you. I am not afraid of you. Bring your whole family. I don’t care I have had enough of you and your family. If it is war let me tell you something,” she faced her, so close with her. “Bring it on! This time I am ready for you OR My name isn’t DIANA SAKALA.”She smiled at her.This scared Amy and pissed her off. She thought Diana was scared of her. How did shegets the braveness in her, She thought still staring at her Diana showed her other side she didn’t know. Amy felt she had already lostthe game. She didn’t say anything but got out of the house. Diana quickly shut the door when she was outside. She took a deep breath. She heard a knock at the door and it made her jump on her feet. It was Ray. She quickly opened the door and hugged him. Sheheld him tightly.“What is it my lady?” asked Ray concerned.She felt shortness of breath and dizzy. She touched her head.“Amy was here. She She……”Everything seemed blur and darker and darker. She collapsed in Ray’s arms. Ray tried shaking her but she didn’t respond. He quicklycarried her to his car. He put her at the back seat.“Hang in there my love,” he said and started the carHe drove off the car at the hospital. At a high speed feeling very nervous.

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