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In Love And War - Season 1 - Episode 20
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20**She paced up and down the room.“I need a gun!” she shouted like a mad person.“Calm down babe.”“Don’t tell me to calm down Sarah. This is no time to calm down. I am losing him to her. I can’t let that happen,” she said shaking like a leaf. “I am feeling cold mummy.”She took the cocaine out from her purse.“I need to take this mummy. I will be fine,” shesniffed.“Amy. Don’t do this to yourself. I beg you. These drugs will kill you,” begged Sarah.Two months ago Amy got involved with the bad crew. She started drinking, coming home late and smoking. After to have failed her degree in Canada. She was jobless and only relied on her parents’s money. For the past days she had been coughing non stop. She had become addicted to drugs. Sarah took thecocaine from her.“What are you doing Sarah?!” she shouted.“This is not good for your health.”“Give it back!” she yelled.Sarah ignored her. She walked to the bathroom and flushed the cocaine. While Amywas following behind her.“What have you done Sarah? You threw my baby!” she shouted getting close to her. “I will kill you Sarah!” she said loudly strangling her.“Amy, stop. You hurting me!” she said her breath caught in her throat.She let her go and slapped her mother hard on the cheek.“Don’t dare try me Sarah. I will kill you,” said Amy walking out of the toilet slamming the door in her face.Sarah sat on the floor in the toilet her hand onher cheek tears streaming down on her cheeks. Never had her daughter talk back at her or slap her. She was shocked. Amy had changed and there was nothing she can do for her. She had failed her daughter.Amy got into her car and drove at a high speed. She needed the drugs. She needed them as soon as possible. She was losing hermind. She parked her car at an old warehouse. A place where a lot of girls had been found dead of taking drugs, overdosing. She got out of the car and started walking likea drunkard person. She just opened the door and the man was busy making love to one of his girlfriend.“You! Get out!” shouted Amy staring at the girl. “Now!”The girl quickly grabbed her clothes. Amy pushed her outside and locked the door.“Next time find some place nice to make love to your ugly chick. I need those stuff.”“What! I gave you last night. You need to be careful with these stuff. They will kill you Amy. You beautiful and young. You still have time to change and go to a rehab,” said the man.“Shut up! Give me what I want Luke. I also need a gun. I need to kill someone. She took my man.”“I am sorry I can’t help you on that. I am not a killer but drug dealer,” he said.“Here is your money,” she threw the money onthe floor. “Give me my drugs.”Luke didn’t have any choice but to give Amy the drugs which he did. Amy walked out of theroom and got in her car. She sniffed.*Ray sat on the bench. His brother was taking long to come out of his office since he was the one taking care of Diana. He was scared that maybe his wife was dying. Raphael came out with a big smile on his face.“Bro!” exclaimed Ray sitting up. “What took you so long? Can’t you see how worried I am right now. What is wrong with my wife-to be.”“Congrats, bro. Nothing to worry about. You going to be a father,” said Raphael excitedly tapping Ray’s shoulders.“Meaning?”“She is pregnant!”“What! Are you serious?”“Yes. I

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