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In Love And War - Season 1 - Episode 23
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“Mummy! Wake up!” shouted Amy. “I am sorry I didn’t mean to shoot you. I was angry mummy but now I am not. You know mummy Diana made me this way. Can you hear me mummy?” said Amy shaking her mother.

She was high after taking the cocaine. She had no idea what she had done.
“I need to call daddy,” she said pacing up and down the room.

She sat on the sofa. She got up and walked to the door. She went back where the dead body was. She stared at her mother and started laughing. Tears streaming down on her cheeks. She took the gun and put it in her pockets.

“You deserved it Sarah. I told you to stay away from me. The bullet was meant for Diana,” she said lighting up a cigar.

She sat on the floor beside her mother and puffed up smoke.

“It feels so great that I killed you. I wanted to feel it. The feeling of being a muderer,” she glared at the body.

Suddenly the Mayor saw the body of his wife in pool of blood. He froze in place and felt terror. He felt paralysed and couldn’t move.
“Daddy. You are here. I am sorry I killed your wife,” said pinching her mother. “She was making a lot of noise and I kept her quiet. It feels great dad,” she said in tears.
“Wh wha wha. your…your…mo…mother,” stammered the mayor.

“I did daddy. I will go in the garage to take the plastic so that we can wrap the body. They don’t need to know that I killed her. I am coming daddy,” she said and walked out of the house.

His heart was pounding really fast. Even though they didn’t get along very well with his wife. He loved her very much. After getting some counseling from one of his friend he wanted to make it right with his wife.
“You know Paul. Life is too short but God always give us second chances. You can be a good man again. Ask for forgiveness from God before it’s too late. About your daughter take her to a rehab centre she will be fine,” said his friend early that night.
He started analysising the situation the slower but more thoughful path caused him to feel afraid. He quickly grabbed his phone on the table and dialled the number at the police station.

“Hello!” responded the man on the other line.

“Yes yes it’s the ex mayor. I want to report a crime scene. My da…” he was cut short when a bullet went through his chest making him drop the phone on the floor.
She quickly took the phone and threw it on the wall in a loud scream.
“A a a a,” said the mayor in pain.
“Wrong move daddy,” she said shooting him on the head. “Idiots! You both go to hell!” she shouted.

She grabbed the car keys and ran out of the house. She drove the car to the old ware house.
“Diana!” she shouted.


Diana woke up with a fright.
“Hey hey. Were you having a nightmare?” asked Ray as he lay beside her.
“Something has happened I can feel it. Something is wrong babe,” she said shaking.
“Shhhh nothing has happened. The bodyguards are outside. Let’s go back to sleep.”

“You go back to sleep. I need a glass of water,” she said getting off the bed.
She headed to the kitchen. She poured her self a glass of water. She was about to drink the water when the water glass slipped from her hand and dropped on the floor, breaking into pieces. This waked Ray up. He quickly ran to the kitchen and saw Diana picking up the glasses.

“What happened? Are you alright?” he asked with a worried look on his face.
“I don’t know I just felt weak. Something is wrong babe. I remember feeling way before my mum died. It’s probably nothing. Let me go to sleep,” she said heading to their room.
Ray became worried. He spent the whole night looking at her. Finally she slept after making her a cup of coffee.

Early in the morning Ray was watching news when Diana walked in the room. He looked at her with a sad look on his face.

“What is it?”
He switched off the television and took her hand. They sat down.

“Amy killed her parents last night. They are looking for her,” said Ray.

“No no that can’t be. I told you something was wrong. We should have let her stay Ray. Sarah, even though I hadn’t forgiven her with all my heart. The last thing I wanted was for her to die,” said Diana.

“Don’t blame yourself. My dad needs to see me. I am going over. I need you to come with me. Amy is out there and she is after you.”

“Noo! The body guards are here. She won’t do anything to me. And I am not feeling well, morning sickness.”
“I see Selena is already making her mummy sick. My little Selena. Take care of mummy. I will be back,” he said his hand on her tummy. “I will be back soon.”
He got out of the house. Diana got up and headed to the bathroom. She came out of the bathroom after minutes wrapped in a towel. She opened the bedroom door and saw her sitting on the bed.
“You took long. I would have just killed you in the bathroom.”
“What are you doing here? How did you get inside?”

“You call those fools, body guards. Look outside,” said Amy.

Diana looked outside the window. All the bodyguards had been shot including the one who was inside the house.

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