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In Love And War - Season 1 - Episode 25
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She placed flowers on the tombstone.
“Mummy! Is this were Auntie Amy was buried?” asked Ryan
“Yes my baby. Before she died. I made her your God mother.”
“Daddy! What is a Godmother?” asked Ryan his eyes on his father

The day Ryan was born became the happiest day of the beautiful couple. Ray couldn’t stop shouting in the hospital. When his wife was discharged from the hospital. He used to help with the baby. He would lay watching his face and smiling up at him. Sometimes he would shush and patt him until he fell asleep. The next following he tried the shushing thing but it didn’t work. Diana laughed at him, his effort. He wanted to give up but his wife told him that he would have to do it again.
“A person!” responded Ray.
“You don’t just say a person. Try to explain it to me. I am six years old I can understand. Big brains but small engine. If you know what I mean,” he said making his parents burst out laughing.

Amy’s condition became worse. She died soon after Ryan was baptised. Amy was also baptised. Before she died, she spent most of her time in the hospital preaching the word of God.

“You know D. I am just happy that we ended this war before it gone even bigger. I must tell you something. I really needed you to pay. I was so mad at you that you stole Ray away from me. Forgetting that I am the one who messed up,” she said at the ceremony.

The day that Amy died a lot of people attended her funeral. She had inspired many people with her story. A story about her changing from being a killer, drug addict to a christian.

“Mummy!” called out Ryan disrupting her mother from thoughts. “Seriously had I been talking to myself. You guys are so boring. I wish Uncle Admire was here. He is a cool dude.”
“Dude?” said Ryan.
“Yah’s another English that Uncle Admire taught me. Can we go now. We still have to go and watch soccer, daddy,” said Ryan heading where they had parked their car.

It had been fours years since Amy died.
“How did he learn those words?” asked Diana with a laugh.

“My lady I don’t know. Ryan is a naughty kid. I need to pass by the office. Will you go with me?”

“Yes sure but after we drove Ryan at your parents. Mr ex President wants to see him,” said Diana laughingly.

“Woman! We are talking about my dad,” said Ray pinching his wife.

They got into the car and drove off. They dropped Ryan at his grand parents. Raphael and his family had moved to London. Admire had come back to the country few months after graduating with a degree in engineering. Ray later turned back the car and drove at their house. He opened the car door for his lady after parking the car at the garage. They got inside the house.
“No talkative Ryan today,” said Diana throwing herself on the bed. “Hubby! I am so tired. Help me with the massage please.”
“Okay sweety. I have to go and watch soccer first. I called Admire over. He should be here,” said Ray.

“Are you joking!” exclaimed Diana. “I thought we were sending Ryan at your parents so that we can… You know do our thing. But why? Tell Admire that you can’t watch soccer with him today,” said Diana pissed off.

Suddenly Admire shouted from the sitting room.

“Mr Ray, sir. I am here. The game is about to start.”

“Wifey. I will see you later. Just sit on the bed do some make up. Rather go at the saloon and gossip,” said Ray walking out of the room.

Admire and Ray had become close than before. Ray treated Admire like his own brother. People even thought these two were real brothers.

“Have they started playing?” said Ray as he sat beside Admire.

“No! They haven’t started yet. By the way. Where is your wife?”
“On the mirror,” said Ray his eyes on the television.

“Yah she really loves the mirror,” said Admire his eyes on the television as well.
“Where is he taking the ball? Come on man. Can’t you see he was all alone. I made a bet with my workmates. If we lose Admire. I am doomed.”

“Rather pray we win. Where is he taking the ball? He is crazy. If he takes the ball there and come back there. He will definitely make it there,” said Admire.

Ray looked at him and his wife was standing behind them laughing
“Whats with the there stuff?”
“Huh! Nothing.”

“Is that Ronaldo? Oh my goodness! He is so d--n cute!” exclaimed Diana excitedly.
Ray glared at her.

“Hey. You are married remember. I am the only one who is cute,” he said.
“You mean you are cute. A baboon like you,” she said and Admire laughed. “Remember Admire you his twin. I wonder why you laughing if you baboon like him.”

“Diana!” they shouted at the same time.
The stood up and chased after her. They were a happy big family and lived happily ever after.



Let’s settle aside how we feel and focusing on life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology. Let’s not be jealous and live happily ever after like Ray and Diana.

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