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In Love And War - Season 1 - Episode 4
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“You can take a sit,” offered Sarah.
She poured a glass of champagne and sat on the leather sofa. She took a sip.
“So what can I do for you?” she asked placing the glass on the glass table.

Sarah watched her beautiful face as she scanned the room. Her eyes finally resting on hers.
“Your house looks different,” she said.
She glowered at her and wondered what she was doing at her house. She was her daughter’s friend but they were not relatives. Diana dragged in a sharp breath and looked around the room. She was scared of Sarah. It was her first time coming at the house alone and be in the sitting room. Everytime she came with Amy they would go to her room. She gazed at Sarah. Sarah had a serious look on her face that said “Get out of my house!”. Diana, in her chest her heart was pounding, and a whole stream of butterflies had taken flight in her stomach. She took a deep breath forcing her racing heart to calm before slowly open her mouth. She had to remember her reason of even approaching this villian lady in the first place. She didn’t know what was the matter with her. She had never experienced this before, not able to utter a word. Suddenly the Mayor walked from upstairs into the sitting room.
“If it is not Miss Diana,” he said smilingly.
Diana was about to stand up when the mayor stopped her.
“No! Take a sit young lady,” he said with a hint of happiness in his voice.

He sat beside his wife. He stared at Diana in a way that made her feel uncomfortable. Her first reaction was to keep her eyes off him.

“I am looking for a job,” she finally spoke.
“What kind of job?” said Sarah.
“Anything even maid,” she sounded so desperate.

Sarah looked at her and didn’t want her in her house. She could never accept her.

“Oh, I was looking for a secretary or personal assistant to help me with my campaign,” he said
Sarah glared at him.

“You can do that?” he asked.
“Yes, sir I can. Is Ma okay with it? Isn’t it too much. I have no experience,” she spoke softly.
Mayor looked at his wife. She knew that if she disagreed. She will be in big trouble with the Mayor. She quickly responded
“It’s okay I have no problem with it,” she said faking a smile.
“Thank you, sir. Thank you, Ma,” she said excitedly.

His gaze dropped from her eyes and lingered on her lips. She had sweet lips. He wanted to go over to her and kiss them until they hardened. Instead he focused his mind, because if one thing was true it was the fact that he was going to sleep with her. Yes, he was like a father to her but so what. Age was just a number to him. He wanted her the first time he set his eyes on her. He had been waiting for this opportunity to be close to her. She was just like any other girl at the night club, desperate for money. He picked up his drink and took a sip, all the while maintaining eye contact with her.

“So you will come tomorrow at my office. Early in the morning. One of my man will teach you,” he said his voice deep.
“Okay. Thank you so much, sir.”
“You are welcome D.”
Was he flirting with her? Thought Sarah as she sat beside her husband. She feared for the worst since now Diana was going to be her personal assistant. She needed to keep a close eye on her.
“I will send Daniel to come and pick you up tomorrow,” he said.
“It’s okay sir. I will take a taxi,” she disagreed when she noticed how much Sarah was looking at her.
“No he will come.”
“Okay. I have to get going now. My mother is still at the hospital.”
“What happened to her?” he asked concerned.
“She was sick but she is fine. Goodbye Ma!” she said sitting up.

“Let me ask Daniel to take you at the hospital,” he said sitting up.

They got out of the house laughing while Sarah watched them. She felt jealous and needed to get rid of Diana very soon. She didn’t trust her husband and knew that he would make her his second wife. There was no doubt about that.
She got into the car and Daniel drove off. He went back inside the house and was about to walk to his study when she called out his name.
“Sarah!” he responded facing aside.
“She is very young. The way you were looking at her. If you think I will have another woman in my house. I won’t say anything…. ,” she spoke.
He clenched his hands and drew in a deep breath.
“You will do what?”

He kept his voice controlled as he took his seat opposite her. She raised her brows at him suggestively. D--n, was the woman deliberately trying to provoke him?
He stood
“I didn’t think so,” he said heading to his study room.

She swallowed hard and looked at him as he walked upstairs. He almost made her lose her nerves. For one tiny second she wanted to throw the glass at him and scream out his name. She had to have breathing space. She needed space and she needed it now. She grabbed her car keys walked out of the room. She got into her and drove off.

The Mayor took his phone and dialled a number.
“Sir!” responded the man on the otherline

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