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In Love And War - Season 1 - Episode 5
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He was immaculately dressed in a dark suit and tie, the white of his shirt enhancing his attractive tan. The smile on his lips was warm and welcoming.

“I know we need the money but I don’t feel comfortable with you working for the Mayor. I don’t trust him,” said her mother the previous day.

“Mum! He is a good man. Trust me and we need the money.”
“Just be careful around him Diana,” said Joyce.
She was discharged at the hospital but was not so happy to hear that her daughter was going to work for the Mayor. When Diana woke up early in the morning. Her mother hoped she had changed her mind. Instead Diana went to take a bath and walked out of the house in a black suit.
“Welcome Miss Diana,” he said extending his hand to great her.

Her stomach did a strange flutter as those lips brushed sensuously over the back of her hand. She pulled back her hand. A sexy smile spread across his lips and she dragged in a ragged breath then swallowed hard. What was this old man trying to do? She thought as she made a step back. She cleared her throat.

“I decided to take a taxi since Mr Daniel took long to come,” she said nervously.

His gaze was drawn to the way the skirt clung to her body. She was as desirable in the morning light as she had looked in his house. He wanted her more thaan he had ever wanted a woman.
“Sir!” she called out disrupting his thoughts.
“Okay. Ben will show you how it is done,” he said softly.

He was 50 years old but felt very young around her. Could it be that he was falling for this young lady? He looked at her lovely face. She was young more beautiful than his wife or daughter. Her lips set in a firm line of discontent and he couldn’t help himself but wanting to kiss her. For a moment his gaze locked with hers, the dark depths of his eyes seeming to search hers as if looking into her soul.

“Your phone is ringing,” she said softly.
He moved away from her and went outside the office to answer his call.
“Talk to me.”

“So your wife went to meet up with a young man at a hotel,” said the man on the other line.
“How old?”
“From what I have found out after researching about this guy. He is 25 years old.”
“Is she cheating on me with a boy?” he asked angrily.

“I am still yet to investigate what she is up to with him.”

“Good! Do so I have some business to take care of,” he spoke his eyes on Diana who was in the office going through some papers.

He hanged up the phone call and walked back to the office.

“I see you now working. Let me not disturb you. I am going at a meeting,” he said opening his briefcase. “Here is the money for breakfast and lunch,” he said handing her the money.
“Sir! But I..”

“Call me Mayor or rather Paul. And take the money. No buts”

“Thank you so much, sir. God will surely bless you,” she said.

“There is more to come. Just do your job and you will see how sweet I can be,” he said
“I will do that sir.”

He walked out of the office. His driver was waiting for him outside. As soon as he saw the Mayor walking towards him. He opened the car door for him. He got inside the car and closed it.
“Where to sir?”
“At the hotel. I need to make a reservation. I am taking someone out on a date,” he said looking at Diana’s picture that he had stolen from his daughter’s photo album.
The afternoon was going pretty well for Diana when Sarah burged in the Mayor’s office and found Diana on the desktop. She quickly stood up.
“Hello Ma!” she greeted.

She didn’t respond and clicked her tongue.
“Where is my husband?” she asked with a serious look on her face.
“At a meeting.”
“Okay! You are dismissed. You can pack your things and leave.”

She felt threatened by her. She was beautiful, young and obviously a virgin.

“But Ma. I can’t leave now because Mayor gave me job to do. I will get fired,” she said.
“If Mayor is your boss. So am I. Now leave,” she shouted.

She took her satchel and walked out of the office while the other workers looked at her. Whispering
“She is very young. I hope he won’t take advantage of her,” said one of them
“And beautiful. If only she knew who she dealing with. Did you see Madam Boss the look she gave her. We will just see where the drama ends,” said another.
Diana was about to get into a taxi when Daniel called out her name. She walked towards him.
“The Mayor wants to see you in her car,” he saud.

She followed him and got inside the limo. She sat on the back seat opposite the Mayor. She thought maybe he wanted to talk about his campaign.
“You going home already?” he asked.
“Yes, sir!”
“It’s Paul. I brought you something,” he said heading him a hand bag.

She was about to open when Sarah, Mayor’s wife opened the door.

“What is going on here?” she asked her eyes on Diana.

Diana just looked at her and the Mayor.

Diana’s first reaction was to get out of the limo but the Mayor held her hand.

“Where are you going? Stay with me,” said the Mayor not caring about his wife.

Sarah clenched his fist. She felt defeated and that Diana had already won.

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