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In Love And War - Season 1 - Episode 6
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“Daniel!” called out the Mayor.
“Yes, sir!”
“Drive the car to the hotel,” he said staring at his wife.

Diana just sat and didn’t say anything. The last thing she wanted was to be enemies with Sarah. What she didn’t know was that it was already too late. Sarah hated her more than ever. After getting embarassed because of Diana. She was going to make her pay. She just stood as the limo took off. She felt disrespected by his husband. She got into her car and drove off.
“Sir! I think Ma hates me,” said Diana.
“Don’t mind her. Let’s just go and talk about the campaign at the hotel. She needs attention,” said the mayor.

Did she have any idea what he was up to? She saw him as a father and was very grateful for what he was doing. She sat comfortable in the limo but couldn’t stop thinking about Sarah. They first passed by the saloon. She had her hair done.

“We have to do something about your wardrobe,” he said smilingly at they got out of the saloon.
“Pardon, sir.”
“Let’s go shopping!”

People in the saloon stared at them as they walked. Adoring their relationship.
“What a father, girl. He loves his daughter very much. I mean coming with her at the saloon and waiting until she was done,” said one of the hair dresser.

“I wish to have a father like him,” said the other.

She was happy to have to buy new clothes. She felt comfortable more than ever in her new hairstyle. He couldnt stop himself staring at her. They arrived at the hotel. Daniel opened the car door for Diana and the Mayor. They got into the hotel after she changed her shoes. Her heels tapped rhythmically as she walked behind him. He stopped outside a door, opened it and reached in to flick on the light. It was around 7pm.

“I trust this will be comfortable for you. I will send Daniel at your house to let your mother know that you safe,” he said.
“Thank you, sir.”

The mayor stared at her and thought ordinarily. If he had taken a woman at a hotel he wouldn’t be thinking of any kind of having a drink with her. He would be enjoying holding her, kissing her and thinking only satisfying his sexual needs. Their eyes met and for a moment it was as if everything hung in balance. She gazed at him. Did she know what he was going to do? He turned and broke the contact. He looked up to her and couldn’t help himself as he reached up and kissed her lips. She slapped him hard on the cheek.

“What is the meaning of this? You like a father to me,” she said angrily.

He ignored her and grabbed her waist. He wanted to kiss her and make love to her. He wanted her and could no longer control his feelings towards her.

“Stop! You hurting me!” she shouted.
He let her go and locked the door.
“If you do anything to me. I will scream,” she threatened.

“No one will hear you, young lady. This is my hotel and it hasn’t been opened yet. Come here!” he demanded.

“No! I won’t let you touch me. To even think that you gave me the job out of kindness. I should have listened to my mother,”she said.
“Get undressed now!”

He walked to her and pushed her against the wall. She screamed out loud but he didn’t stop. He had more power than her. He pushed her on the bed. She couldn’t, she couldn’t let him touch her or rape her. She had to do it. She got up from the bed and kicked his genetials. He was about to fight with her when she hit him with a bottle of champagne. He fell on the floor. Her heart pounding really fast. Her emotional brain had already begun to respond along paths. She immediately took the keys, unlocked the door and got out of the room running. She ran out of the hotel. She didn’t stop. It was dark but she didn’t care less. She soon stopped and realised she was about to get her house. She couldn’t stop the tears from falling. She walked at fast as she could bare footed.

The house was on fire and she ran quickly. There were people outside her house.

“Mum!” she shouted looking at the house which was burning. “Where is my mum? My brothers?” she asked looking like a mad person.
“Where were you Diana? Poor child there was fire and your whole family have been taken to the hospital,” said one of the neighbour.
“Are they alright?”she asked with a hint of confusion in her voice.

“Mr Mulema hasn’t called yet. He is the one who drove them at the hospital. Let me take you at the hospital,” said Solo.

The house had been burnt down. People were standing outside. It was bad.

“Poor child. They have lost everything. Do you think someone did this?” asked Besa
“Maybe they left the candle on. Since there is no electricity. I hope they are going to be okay,” said Faith.

Solo drove the car at the hospital. Diana couldn’t stop the tears from falling.
“It is all my fault. I could have been there for them,” she said thinking out loud.

“They are going to be alright Diana. Such things happen in life,” said Solo.

He felt pity for her. They soon arrived at the hospital and found Mr Mulema sitting on the bench.

“How is my mum?” asked Diana tears streaming down her cheeks.

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