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IN The DARK (A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival)  - Season 1 - Episode 1
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The tap on my door woke me up,as soon
as i opened my eyes,I noticed that the sun
was shinning brightly already,time checked
9:00am . I heard My mom’s voice from my
door step saying ‘Nancy wakeup,open up
baby,its your day!’. What the heck is she
talking about? My day Am I getting married
or something??. I was thinking semi-
awake,then she shouted from my door step
again “its your birthday baby!! Your
birthday!!! now open up”.

My eyes widened immediately as if it would come out of its socket, OMG ‘its my birthday!!’ I hurriedly threw the duvet away from myself,rushed to the door and unlocked. There she was,full of smile,with two househelp,one carrying a
shopping bag and the other a beautiful cake
decorated with pink and blue colour.

The cake has a teddy bear shape with “sweet sixteen” boldly written on it.
This woman knew how to take my breath away,she was my world,the one and only MRS.Williams.
With all smile,i bent down to greet my
mom,she carried me up half way and
engulved me in a tight embrace. Saying
prayers and wishing me a happy birthday in
the middle of the mother/ daughter
embrace. I kept on saying ‘amen’ till she
released me and looked into my eyes and
say ” how i wish he is here today” by that i already knew she was refering to my dad,
she continued ” he was always making
plans for your sixteenth birthday”

She was already in tears, i hugged her as tight as i could and made her know that he is in a
better place and she was my world and my

everything. Even though i was trying to be
strong i could not help but remember the
sweet memories of my dad,who would’nt
remember a lovly father?. My dad, “Chief
Abiodun Williams”.
He was a yoruba man
while my mom was an Edo woman, he
named me ‘Omojadesola’ specially while my
mom named me ‘Nancy’, Dad was tall with
athletic body structure. He goes on
bussiness trip regularly and never fail to get
me things whlie coming back. Once in a blue
moon we discuss,and it always worth the
wait, his favourite statement i could never
forget was “only friends can betray you,try
to keep your secret safe”.
Dad died in the
month of December,few weeks to Xmas,he
went for a bussiness trip outside the
country and he never came back. His plane
crashed,we did not even get to see his
lifeless body to say a final good bye. We
mourned dad for more than a year, i was
sure mom would mourn him till eternity.

It was after my father’s death that i got to
know that the whole of the Williams wealth
belonged to mom,she inherited d wealth
from my maternal grand parent who were
stinkingly wealthy, due to the fact that her
younger brother was unserious. “Dad
whereever you are, my last wish would have
been for you to die in my hands,no matter
how tiny they were. RIP dad.”
(Back to
present) I released myself from my mom’s
embrace and cleaned the tears in her eyes.

Mom smiled and led me to my bed, and said
“sorry for trying to ruin ur day with my
emotion, i just cannot believe my baby is
I smiled and hugged her, now she
released herself and teased me to stop
behaving like a baby, according to her, i
would get married soon and become a
woman. We all laughed at mom’s statement,
including the maids. Mom treated them like
her daughter which made them have a
good relationship with her. Tori and Sewa
are both secondary school graduates just
like i was, but they were way older than me
probably because of their late education.

Mom told tori to place the cake on the table
and light the candle. I walked to the table
and made a wish before blowing off the
candle. My yearly wish was what i repeated
I wish all my wishes will come true”
and we
all laughed. I cut a piece from the huge
cake,fed my mom with some and ate the
reamaining. Oh i love cakes!…………

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