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IN The DARK (A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival)  - Season 1 - Episode 11
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After he introduced himself as ‘kelvin’, i wanted 2 say smth but i ended up coughing,he stood be4 me nd kept saying ‘Takecare’ while i responded with a smile. He later left nd went to the kitchen,sure he was tidying up my mess,now d thick smoke has reduced but there were stil enough 4 anyone to gusse there was a fire accident here. Some min later i had stop coughing and had enough strength to walk on my own. I went to the sitting groom and settled in a couch. I did no realise i was asleep until the horn of a car outside our gate woke me up. At first i thought it was my mom but when d person knocked and waited for a response be4 knocking again i knew it was a visitor. I opened d door and standing in front of me was Jordan. I did not know if i should shout in excitement or i should ask him wot he was doing in my house. I had mixed feelings but i was able 2 keep a straight face. He smilled nd said “Happy to see me?”. I just smilled and let him in,he settled in a chair opposite me nd i asked if he would love 2 have anything. He told me he was on his way 2 get lunch and decided to check on me. At d mention of lunch i realised i was yet 2 have a decent lunch and my stomach started grumbling.
Jordan asked if i would love 2 come with him,i hesistated for a while be4 agreeing to go with him. I went to my room and had a change of cloth then i went to the kitchen to inform Kelvin.
When i got to d kitchen i met kelvin preparing vegetable soup and the kitchen atmosphere was free from smoke already. I greeted him from d door and told him i was going out with a friend.
He turned to face me with a smile nd that was when i noticed his dimple. He had a lovly fair skin with a handsome round face and dimple on each cheek. He said i should be safe and i left wondering what a guy like kelvin is doing as a maid, the only answer that came to my mind was money, yes! Probably his family is brooke at the moment. Jordan and I had lunch at ‘Royals’ we both had jollof rice and chicken after which we decided to get suya at a spot. It was surprisingly fun to be with Jordan,he had finally buried his rude self and he was more of a free and jovial guy than a regular cool guy. When we got to the suya spot,he dared me to finish a stick in a minute. I took up the challenge but the peper would’nt not let me succeed. He and the aboki selling suya had fun laughing at me and calling me ajebur. I threw back the challenge at him and he finished a stick in less than a minute. He went on braging and telling me he was older than me at all level,so i should start respecting him by adding ‘brother’ to his name. I checked my time and it was some minutes past six, i knew without been told that mom would be home by now. Jordan was talking with some other guys we met at the suya spot,i tap him on the shoulder and said ‘Brother Jordan lets go home now,its getting late’ he pushed me playfully and said ‘ok younger sister’. He then paid for what we have eaten and bought two seperate pack before leaving. The ride home was interesting as Jordan played music and he would sing along. I condemned his vioce and he would sing louder. Finally we got to our compound and he decided to drive in. We met my mom outside,she was on the phone with some one and had a drink on the small table beside her. We waited for mom to end her phone call be4 greeting her.

She responded and recognized Jordan,she asked after his parent and school. Jordan later said he would be leaving after he rejected the offer to have dinner with us from mom. I saw him to his car and he handed one of the packed suya to me,we exchanged phone number and he left. I knew i was in for scolding and a long sermon from mom, but this time around she disappointed me.
Mom was inside the livingroom when i got back, i greeted her again and she asked about my outing,i just responded with a smille and she asked if i can stil have dinner and i said no.

Since she cant eat alone, she asked me to join her on the table. Mom asked if i had met kelvin and i remembered the event of the afternoon.
With her question i was sure kelvin did not tell her about it. I told her yes and she ate in silence.
Mom called on kelvin to join us at the living room where we saw a movie. Few minutes after the movie ended, mom said she was sleepy and she excused herself. I was left alone with kelvin in the living room and i did not know how to thank him for saving me from the fire accident and keeping it away from mom. I brought out the suya Jordan got for me and asked if he wanted some.


Kelvin noded positively and i placed the suya on a small table between us. We took turn 2 eat from d suya as we watched an uninteresting movie. In d middle of eating i said ‘thank you’ to him nd he said ‘u are welcome’. He dipped his hand in2 d suya pack and he brought it out empty,i did d same nd there was only a piece remaining,i divided it in2 two nd gave him 1,we both laughed as we ate d last piece.

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