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IN The DARK (A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival)  - Season 1 - Episode 13
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My phone ringing tone woke me up, i sluggishly checked the screen and the caller I.D displayed Khole. I hurriedly picked her call,heaven knows i missed her alot. At first i acted as if i was angry with her and she apologised and told me she has been bussy with school. Khole asked after mom and Jordan. I told her everything that as happened and she kept on shouting ‘I said it!!’ into the phone. I had to put the phone away from my ear for sometime. After shouting for a while i could hear her asking if i was stil on phone. I replied her and she started giving me relationship tips. She went on and on even though i told her i was’nt dating Jordan yet.
After what seemed like eternity khole said she had a lecture to attend and would call me back when she is done. I told her i will do the calling and dropped the call. Time checked 5:00pm and mom was not back yet. I placed a call through to her and she said she will be going to church from her super market. She also said we should make fried plantain and egg for dinner. I ended the call with mom and went to inform kelvin of what we would be making for dinner. I found kelvin in his room and after informing him of what we would make for dinner we headed to the kitchen. Kelvin asked me if i could make the meal and i told him i could try,he then smilled and said he could teach me if am ready to learn. He told me i cant be with my mom for the rest of my life and i cant possibly take a maid with me every where i go,so i have to learn how to make anything i eat. He sounded like a brother so, instead of getting angry with him for trying to boss me around,i agreed to start learning how to cook from him. The cooking lesson with kelvin was interesting,at first i did cut the plantain into a wrong shape but with kelvin’s correction, i was able to get the perfect oval shape. After frying the plantain,we fried the egg and set the table for dinner. I was so excitedly anxious to tell mom that i fried the plantain and eggs with the help of kelvin.

After the cooking i asked kelvin if he could help me solve some mathematical problem and he said he would give it a trial. Kelvin saw the questions as cheap ones and he teased me about been a lazy student in mathematics.

Kelvin put me through as he solved the assignment and the topic got more
understandable for me. Been done with my assignment i was on my way to my room when my phone started ringing,at first i thought it would be khole calling to continue her sermon but the caller I.D displayed Jordan. I accepted the call and we talked for a while. He promised to be back by friday and he invited me to his birthday which will be taking place at his resident on sunday. Finally we decided to meet at our hotel on saturday. I ended the call and went to stay with kelvin in the living room. Mom got back by 6:30pm,we had dinner,after which i told her i made the meal with the help of kelvin. She told me she was proud of me and blessed kelvin for taking as his younger sister. We saw a movie together and we all retired for the day. I woke up 6:30am on Wednesday morning,i greeted mom and kelvin,had my breakfast and left for school.
Before the literature class in the morning,the mathematics assignment was collected and everybody’s book was returned during lunch apart from mine. Since we would be having mathematics class after lunch i did not bother to go and see the lecturer privately. The mathematics class was more fun since i was able to contribute due to the understanding i gained from kelvin,i was happy i was getting better in a course i once hate. After the lesson the mathematics lecturer said he had an announcement to make, he cleared his throat and said ” I am highly disappointed in you all over the simple question i gave you to solve. This is an entrance exam to higher institution you are all about to take,you all need to buckle your belts.Only one out of a hundred student solved the question to my desire and got the answer correctly,her booklet is here with me and she go by the name….ehm…’WILLIAMS NANCY’ Please applaud her as she come forward” I could not believe my ears as i heard my name.

All eyes were on me as i composed myself and walked forward to collect my booklet,he shook my hand and told me to keep it up as he handed my booklet over to me. After handing my booklet to me he left the hall and i went back to my sit.
Am sure many of the students now saw me as a GURU in mathematics as they kept on requesting for my booklet and asking me to explain some areas to them. After the day’s lecture,i went home proud of myself and proud of kelvin,its not all about the handsome face but the intelligence got me really tripping. Ohh i so much love people with something upstairs. When i say something i mean BRAIN!!!.

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