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IN The DARK (A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival)  - Season 1 - Episode 14
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When i arrived from school,i hurriedly came out of the car and went in search of kelvin. I met him in the kitchen and excitedly threw myself into his arm in a bare hug. I could tell he was surprised but he accepted the hug. He released himself from my grip and asked for the reason he is getting a hug. I told him everything that happened in school, he smilled and said i will have to start respecting him now else he would tell my secret to the whole school if i disrespect him. I pushed him playfully and left for my room.
Mom was not around so i had lunch with kelvin and had my nap. I woke up by 5:00pm and made dinner with kelvin. He taught me how to make garri and vegetable soup,though the meal was a little bit difficult, it was fun making it with kelvin.
Mom got back by 7:00pm,we had dinner and went to our separate room after seeing a movie. Jordan called and insisted we chat. So, we had a long chat before i finally slept off by 12:00am.

I woke up lately the following morning due to the late night chat with Jordan. I hurriedly got out of bed, greeted mom and kelvin, then hurriedly dressed and left for school without breakfast.
The litrature class was going on already when i got to my department, i greeted Miss.esther and made for an empty sit when i noticed people were unnecessarily looking at me. I was about sitting when miss.Esther called my name and i turned to face her. She said “Nancy,are you not the one I saw in chemistry class some minutes ago,you told me you are a science student when i asked what you were doing in chemistry class. I already told the class you’ve switched to science department or did you change your mind again??” I could not understand what miss.Esther was driving at,myself? In chemistry class?. Miss.Esther question brought me back to reality,as she asked again if i had changed my mind . I told her i was just arriving school and i do not even know where the chemistry laboratory is located. I could see the see the surprise on her face when she asked if i really was not the person she saw at the science lab this morning,i replied positively and she asked me to follow her. I dropped my bag and we both matched out of the class. We got to the science lab the chemistry teacher also was surprised to see me he looked at me and said “Nelly I thought you said you were going to the rest room, when did you have a change of cloth?” I did not know what to say so i just told him am not Nelly.The chemistry teacher asked Miss.esther what was going on and she told him she was as surprised as he was.

The chemistry teacher took my i.d and i was wondering what kind of drama was going on,who the hell is Nelly anyways?? I was still thinking when the chemistry teacher removed his eyes from my I.D and he concentrated his gaze on the entrance. Miss.Esther did the same and so did everybody in the hall. I followed their gaze and I saw the shock of my life!!!!!! Even without a mirror i could tell that she looked exactly like me, she was expensively dressed as well, with the same fair skin,pointed nose,big eye ball and every other thing was the same as every part of my body except the height. I was a bit taller than her. Wow what a world!! She was also looking at me from head to toe just the way i was looking at her in surprise. Miss.Esther and the chemistry teacher exchanged glance and kept on looking from Myself to my look alike. ‘Are you sure the two of you are not identical twin?’ the chemistry teacher brooke the silence with his question. I could not respond i just shook my head. The chemistry teacher asked My look alike to come in and she came closer,there was whispering every where as everybody could not hide there surprise. Miss.Esther asked if we have met before and we both said ‘No’, she then asked for her surname and she said ‘Stanley’, so you are ‘Nelly Stanley’ while you are ‘Nancy Williams’?
The chemistry teacher asked, we both noded and the chemistry teacher said “truly God created human in twoS, if the two of you are not blood related,this will really be amazing”.

The chemistry teacher speech got me thinking if truly am not an only child and if possibly Nelly is my sister,why would mom ever lie to me? I asked myself without an answer as miss.Esther took my hand and we walked back to my department.

I did not pay full attention to the literature lesson so the class ended on a boring note. I went to the cafeteria to get lunch and if only eyes could kill,i should be dead by now. I was waiting for my order when i felt a tap on my shoulder, i looked behind me and i saw another version of me! She smilled charmingly and said ‘Hi, am Nelly’. God! She even smilled like me!!

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