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IN The DARK (A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival)  - Season 1 - Episode 15
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Seeing her made me short of words and words could not describe how i felt. I opened my mouth but i could not produce a word. How can we look this alike and not be blood related? I asked myself. The cafeteria attendance voice brought me back to reality, she was asking me to pickup my order and allow my sister have hers. I quickly said ‘Hi’ to Nelly and took my order. Since Nelly was the next person in line, i waited on her to get her order for me not to appear unfriendly.
After getting her order, she said ‘Thankyou’ and i responded with ‘welcome’. We settled in an empty table and started to eat. She asked for my name and i told her ‘Nancy’ then she said “so you are Nancy and i am Nelly and together we are N square” we both laughed and continued to discuss as we eat.
Nelly asked about my parent and she said she would love to meet them, suprisingly she is an only child as well and she did not hide how happy she was to have a twin sister. According to her, even if we are not blood related, our appearance made us a set of identical twin, we laughed at her theory and had a selfiee after lunch.

With Nelly it felt like we have been together for years. We left the cafeteria together after lunch and we walked hand in hand to the general class. The mathematics teacher could not hide his surprise when he saw nelly, he asked why my twin sister was just resuming school,i told him Nelly was not my twin and he could not hide is shock as he, diverted from the lecture to asking questions about myself and Nelly. The class ended and i left the school compound with Nelly, her driver arrived early but she waited for my driver to arrive before she left. The car was moving slower because i was so anxious to get home. I needed to tell my mom everything about Nelly and be reassured that i am an only child.
Having Nelly as a sister wont be a bad idea but i needed to be sure before i would draw a conclusion. I got home 3:20pm,i hurried out of the car to my mom’s room. Mom was dressing up for somewhere when i got to her room, i hurriedly greeted her with a hug and told her we needed to talk. Mom sat me down on her bed and i told her everything about Nelly,she asked for the pictures and i could see the shock in her eyes when she saw the resemblance. I asked mom if i was adopted or if probably am a twin. Mom smilled and said “Nancy my baby,come here” i went into her arms and she continued ” dont you ever think i will lie to you, you are all i have and all i need, i have no reason whatsoever to lie to you about anything. Surly this other girl looks like you but am also sure i did not give birth to a set of twin. You are the only apple of my eye. You know what? invite this girl over for lunch on friday and tell her i would love to meet her parents” Mom ended her speech and released me from her arm. I apologised for doubting mom and she said its a normal reaction. Mom left afterwards and i went to my room. After changing my dress into something more comfortable i went to the kitchen and met kelvin making lunch.

We exchanged pleasantries and he asked about school. I told kelvin about Nelly and mom’s request, i also showed him the picture and he was as well shocked. Kelvin promised to make the best lunch on Friday,since i would be bringing my twin home and we both laughed. I was not really hungry so i left the kitchen after talking with kelvin. I called khole and Jordan,i told them about nelly and Jordan asked me to share the picture we took on whatsap. I went to school happily the following day, i looked forward to lunch during my first lecture. I was so anxious to know what Nelly’s reply would be when i tell her about my mom’s invite. The class ended and i rushed to the cafeteria in search of Nelly. I saw her sitting alone,immediately she saw me,she jumped towards me and hugged me.

I returned the hug and we both went to place an order for lunch. We were yet to start when Nelly smilled and said ” Twinny, i told my parent about you, and they were very happy. They said i should invite you over for lunch today,please dont say no” I was suprised, i told her about my mom’s invite as well and we both laughed. During lunch i called mom and she agreed with me going with Nelly but on the condition that i will go with the driver and her parent will come with her for lunch on friday in order to clear all doubt. I told Nelly about my mom’s conditions and she called her dad to inform him about my mom’s conditions.
Nelly’s dad said he could only make dinner on friday because he would be bussy during lunch. I called mom back to inform her and she agreed with the arrangement. Nelly was happy about the arrangement and so was i, i was just a bit nervous about meeting her family.

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