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IN The DARK (A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival)  - Season 1 - Episode 16
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After the day’s lecture i went to Nelly’s house with my driver. Her house was a beautiful mansion,her parent welcomed me like their child and her mom kept calling me ‘her daughter’. We settled in the large living room and Nelly’s dad asked me about my background,he could not hide how happy he was to have two daughters and he went on and on to express his joy. After the brief discussion, Nelly’s mom led us to the dinning room and we had a delicious meal of fried rice and chicken. We laughed and disscussed like a family throughout the meal. Nelly’s mom talked about nelly’s childhood and she kept asking if we had the same childhood behaviour.
Nelly took me to her room after lunch and she gave me her family album to go through. I noticed different pictures of a particular guy and i asked Nelly who he was. She took a deep breathe and said “Twinny, his name is Uche and he his a son of a minister, i was betrothed to him ever since i was ten but i have no interest in him. Mom and dad made it compulsory for me to marry uche in future, in order to boost dad’s political carrier”. I could feel the sadness in Nelly’s voice so i moved closer to her and consoled her. I told her her parents, might change their mind or she might end up falling inlove with the guy. Nelly cheered up alittle and asked if i had a boyfriend, i told her about Jordan without hidding the fact that we were just friends at the moment but we might end up together in future. Nelly said she wished she could fall inlove with some one of her choice as well. We gisted alot and had fun playing video games before i made my departure know to Nelly. Nelly informed her parent of my departure and they saw me off to the car. I collected Nelly’s number and her parent’s as well before leaving the Stanleys mansion. Mom welcomed me with questions about the stanleys as i arrived home, i told her everything about the family and she was happy i found a sister and a friend. Mom asked for Mr. Stanley’s number and called to appreciate their kind gesture. She also promised to send a driver to lead their way to our house the following day for dinner. I was about leaving for my room when mom said ” Baby, jordan’s parent called to invite you to his birthday party on sunday evening. I can see you two are getting close, hope am not missing anything ma’am?” i smilled and told mom i do not know what she was talking about but i will surly honour the invite. I could hear her laughter as i left for my room. I had a change of cloth and went to meet Kelvin in the kitchen.

He was making dinner and he welcomed me with questions as well. I told him about the stanleys as we made beans and plantain for dinner. After dinner, i excused myself to my room and called Jordan. I told him about the stanleys and he said he would love to meet Nelly. We decided we should all meet at our hotel gym on saturday morning. The following day was friday, school was fun with Nelly and during lunch i informed her of Jordan’s invite.
She was equally happy and she accepted to come over on saturday. I also invited Nelly to Jordan’s birthday party but she declined, saying her parent wont let her hang out at night.
The day’s lecture ended and we departed, promising to see eachother at dinner. Time checked 7:00pm, i was so excited when i heard the sound of cars arriving our compound,without been told i knew it was the Stanleys. I rushed downstairs to join mom in welcoming our guest. Just the way Nelly’s mother welcomed me, mom also welcomed her like her child. Formal introductions were made and we all went to the dinning room following mom’s lead. After dinner i took Nelly to my room and the adults were left to disscuss. I invited kelvin over to my room and we all discussed like long lost friends. By 8:00pm the stanleys were ready to leave, it was a sad goodbye but nelly consoled me by reminding me of our meeting the following day. After the Stanleys departure i followed mom to her room and immediately we settled on her bed, i asked her if i am related to Nelly. She took a deep breathe and said with a sad tone “No baby, she is a sickler and you are not”. I went into mom’s arm with mixed feeling. Sad i do not have a sister but happy my mom has been truthful.

***************** I woke up on Saturday morning early, i had so many thought on my mind, part of it was about Nelly’s health condition. I got out of my night wear and went to my mom’s room. I met her dressing up already, i greeted her and she hugged me before responding. She noticed my mood and she asked what was wrong with me. I told her how worried i was over Nelly’s health, she then went ahead to explain that Nelly is a sickler because her dad is also a sickler but he is able to stay healthy because of his regular medical checkup and treatment. She also pointed out that the same treatment is been administered to Nelly and i have nothing to worry about. I hugged mom and felt relived, i also told her about our outing with Jordan and she was in support of it. I had breakfast with mom before she left for her super market. Nelly called at 9:00am to inform me she was already on her way,i also called Jordan and he told me he was already at the gym. I got ready for the gym and informed kelvin of my departure. Nelly arrived by 9:30am and we both left for the gym in her car. We got to the gym but i could not locate Jordan,i was about calling him when i heard somebody say “Looking for me?” behind me. I turned and saw Jordan sweating and drinking from a bottle of water. He was wearing a body hug shirt which revealed his well built muscle, i could hear Nelly murmuring ‘Woah’. I do not blame her even myself at that particular moment was tripping for Jordan’s body. I smilled and hugged jordan and i could tell he was suprised but he received the hug. I released myself from Jordan’s arm and introduced Nelly to him. He expressed his suprise in words and joked about hoping to marry the two of us in future. We all laughed and i hit him playfully. After spending close to an hour at the gym, i suggested we call it a day because i was starving due to the exercise.

Both jordan and nelly laughed at me before I left the gym with Nelly and she had fruit with me before leaving. After Nelly’s departure the Saturday was boring and so was the early hours of sunday. Mom got me a beautiful and Sekxy pink gown to grace Jordan’s party with a beautiful set of diamond jewelry. She practically dressed me up for the party and my mom’s fashion taste was awesome,even Kelvin could not hide his surprise when he saw me fully dressed for the party. He showered me with compliment before i left for the party. I arrived at Jordan’s residence at 7:00pm and he could not hide is suprise as he kept on saying “You look beautiful Nancy”. Jordan’s parent welcomed me warmly and he led me to the party. The party was more of a get together than a birthday party. People were sitted in groups as they chat and laugh loudly.
Jordan introduced me to some of the guest, after which we settled down with them.

The weather was getting cold and my short dress did close to nothing in protecting me from the cold, Jordan noticed i was feeling uncomfortable and he asked if i would love to go inside,i agreed and we excused ourself from the gathering.

Jorda n opened the door to a room and he said “Welcome to my beautiful room”. Indeed the room was beautiful but his self praise would not let me agree to it.

Jordan excused himself to the rest room after we entered. I looked around his room and i was shocked to see a huge picture of myself and Jordan. I looked at the picture closely and i remembered it was the picture we took together at Vectoh’s studio. I could not help but admire the picture, i touched the big frame and memories of that day came into my head.
Judging from the picture we will make a perfect match. ” Why not touch the living me,instead of the lifeless picture?” Jordan said from the door.I turned and smilled.

He came close to me and said “seriously touch me” i stood fixed to a point without a response. He took my hand and placed it on his chest. I looked away shyly and he said “can you feel my heart beat? Its beating for you Nancy. I don’t know how but am falling uncontrollably for you every second. I know you feel something for me, ,please dont say no to Us” I did not know what or how to feel,i opened my mouth to utter a word but it was dry.
My thought was interupted with Jordan’s touch on my cheek,i could feel my body vibrate as he placed his lips on mine. I wanted to stop but i ended up wrapping my hands around his neck as we kissed. It felt so real and beautiful,i was in paradise. Jordan brooke the kiss and lifted my head to meet his gaze before saying “Will you be mine Nancy?”

I responded with a nod and he said he needed an answer. I said yes and he lifted me from the ground into his arms. It felt too good to be real but i felt love and comfort. My phone started to ring and the caller I.D was my mom’s,without been told i knew its time to leave.I told Jordan and we made for the door.I was about opening the door when he pulled me back and claimed my lips.

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